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Submitted by Anonymous
500 Ft above the Frozen Green River, at Lost Dog (a few miles south of Green River, Wyoming). This was taken on an unusally warm, and clear January day.
Submitted by Devon Jensen
The vibrant colors in a vegetable market in Udaipur, India.
Submitted by Bradley van Schie
At Dusk just after a light rain in Venice, Italy
Submitted by Jennifer Kies
Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA
Submitted by Michael Bancale
Crater Lake panoramic picture showing the beautiful reflection of the sides of the crater in the water.

Submitted by Cindy Ahlgrim
Butterfly Garden, Costa Rica
Submitted by Melissa Lounsbury
The magic of Egypt.
Submitted by Gary Lounsbury
Charleston Harbour...South Carolina USA
Submitted by Johnny Williams
Dry Falls near Highlands, NC with ice all around the falls
Submitted by Anonymous
Flowers in Vancouver, Canada
Submitted by Anonymous
Sunset over the Cumberland River near Nashville Tennessee.
Submitted by Colleen Ennis
Deer in Valley Forge, PA
Submitted by LINDA PALMER
Great White Egret on Peace River in Arcadia, Florida We took a guided tour down the river and stopped at this bird santuary.
Submitted by Anonymous
Submitted by Patrick Flanigan
Recently, Kentucky had a disabling ice storm and pictures came pouring in which gawked at the tree damage power failures etc. I wanted to show the incredible beauty of ice storms. This was the first time the sun appeared after the storm and right at sunset too. The icicles look as though they have bits of fire in them. The trees in the background are bowed over due to the stress of ice weight.
Submitted by Leslie Rae
Frozen Hudson River NY
Submitted by Paul Farley
Throughout the year the Chania waterfront in Crete offers opportunities to capture a variety of awesome images. A sunset view from the old harbor area are some of my favorites.
Submitted by Monica Oliver
Sitting pretty, feral cat, Jaffa, Israel
Submitted by Kevin Christensen
Spice stall at a market in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
Submitted by Ted Stedman
A ballooner walks inside of a hot air balloon while it's being inflated. You can book rides year-round in Albuquerque, N.M. Mornings are the best time to gently glide over the city and surrounding desert.
Submitted by Jeremy Jones
The iconic Eiffel Tower taken about 50 feet away from one of the legs at an extreme angle in May 2008.
Submitted by Roger Linkenhoker
A rainy night walk in Roma
Submitted by Pat Chefalo
This photo was taken at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco. The pigeon was enjoying what was left of a bowl of soup in a bread bowl!
Submitted by Gary Carlson
Sedona church
Submitted by Paul Miller
Ocean City Maryland set admidst the gentle rushes of the natural wetlands, waterfowl and the Isle of Wight Bay lapping at the shore provides a chance to pause for this magical moment. This sunset view from January 29th 2009
Submitted by Karen Smith
Sunset after the storm in Barbados.
Submitted by William Hosack
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