Submitted by Rich Gallagher
There is nothing trendy about my facial hair. Other than the color, my beard has remained pretty much unchanged for 30 years.
Submitted by Chad Vaughter
4" steel pick. yes i rock a pick in my beard.
Submitted by Adam Warren
After four wheeling in the Roosevelt National Forest, we hiked to the summit of Crystal Mountain in Larimer County, Colorado. I was glad to have a little facial insulation on that sunny, yet brisk fall day in the mountains.
Submitted by Randon Hassell
Good start
Submitted by Peter Quantock
Me, my beard and my Charlie Brown Christmas Tree! While spending part of the summer of 2007 overseas, I decided to grow out my hair and beard. I decided it was time to bring the beard back into fashion. I took alot of flack from my family and friends at first. I was called every nickname in the book and a few that were new. It was all in good fun and I still get ribbed once in awhile about it. I still have the beard in all its glory and its not going anywhere! Stay strong my bearded brothers!!
Submitted by Brian Hampton
In 1990 I asked my wife if I could grow a beard to see what it would look like. She died before I grew it but I've had it since then and will have it till I die. Then she'll get to see it. I've been refused employment because of it. Not in a food service setting either, but a farm store. Go figure??
Submitted by Granville Scott
"I saw a werewolf drinking a pina colada at Trader Vic's..." ---Warren Zevon
Submitted by Will Butler
Homemade stilts
Submitted by Jon Hutchinson
I quit shaving January 21, 1971, the day I got out of the Army. I have taken off the beard twice in the last 38 years; once for a month; once for 6 weeks. I used to wear it long, but now keep it trimmed to a more professional look. Beard care is certainly almost more time consuming than shaving every day, but I just can't see myself looking in the mirror each morning and scraping my face. My wife and kids like the beard. It's just been me for nearly 4 decades.
Submitted by Mike Laur
For the last three years, we have been doing an annual Mustachio Bashio. We all grow ridiculous mustaches and have a party for charity. This year we are raising money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research foundation on March 28th, 2009.
Submitted by Brian Theilemann
My fraternity, Tau Delta Kappa, was looking through some old pictures when we came across the 1975 composite. We noticed everybody had great mustaches and beards. We were going to take our composite pictures at the end of March and that just happened to be what our fraternity likes to call 'Mustache March'. Where we have a competition to see who can grow the greatest mustache. So we decided to combine our composite pictures with 'Mustache March' and this is how it turned out.
Submitted by mat dionne
this is how we do it in maine
Submitted by Anonymous
The beard was grown to prepare for a church presentation of Leonardo Davinci's "The Living Last Supper" dramatization in which I play the part of Jesus. The beard was dyed the day before the dramatization was presented. Normally I trim up for this event but that time I just let it grow.
Submitted by Hal Wood
In 1996, my kids told me that my full beard was no longer cool, and I needed a goatee. Here it is today, and their mom still thinks it's funny.
Submitted by Daniel Levitch
My girl broke up with me last summer and, in typical male fashion, I cultivated what would grow to become my not-so-secret dating weapon. Release your inner man - grow a beard!
Submitted by Ahmad Zeki
The final three! I am the one in the middle. Winner of the 2008 Mustache growing contest.
Submitted by Anonymous
Me in the Mountains
Submitted by Adam Howe
Full glory of my Beard/Goatee. This one isn't as long as the first time I grew it, but close.
Submitted by Anonymous
I am an actor. Grew my first beard for a part in a musical. Shaved it off and regrew it for another musical. Shaved again and regrew it for a third show. Realized ,if I wanted to act, I needed the beard. Now I do film and TV and I'm hired for the beard.
Submitted by James Peck
I have been a "beardsman" for a few years now and I have no plans of getting rid of it. Beards are cool, even in the Arizona heat.
Submitted by Chase Stowell
Here I am with the full beard in Italy. It helped me blend in with the natives. I kept that look all the way until I graduated high school. Same beard and everything!
Submitted by James Hampton
The hair on top of my head started getting thinner and balding so I started shaving it. I felt I needed some style and since I could not do it with the hair on the top of my head, I had to be creative with my remaining resources. Due to thin lips I have always sported at least some upper lip and usually a goatee too, but it wasnt enough. I finally found my trademark style with my bleach white Goatee and eyebrows (everyone warns me my eybrows will fall out but so far so good..LOL). I am now refered to as the bald santa quit often.
Submitted by Sharif Nassr
My mustache and beard just happened. There wasn't a plan, there wasn't a goal, there just was after I put down my razor. And yes, I know it looks exceptionally sharp!
Submitted by Mike Swenson
Just another Cub Scout Den Leader.
Submitted by Sean Brown
Ron Burgundy and Napoleon Dynamite enjoying a beverage. 100% authentic stache!
Submitted by Darin Velin
For years I've had sideburns and a goatee. After my divorce I wanted a bit of a change, and it was coming into winter, so I decided to go full beard. I've been surprised at how many compliments from women I get!

Submitted by Trevor Thompson
I have grown a beard every winter since I was 18. A few years back, I decided to shave it off in stages. This is a compilation of a couple years of beard.
Submitted by Anonymous
Submitted by Anonymous
I grew this one for Halloween!
Submitted by Jeremy Keegan
My beard is a beard in progress. I am currently in a beard growing competition in my company in which nine guys are participating. We all shaved clean on January 1, and then have been growing our beards since, leading up to St. Patrick's day. On that day, we will all shave above and below the mouth and trim up the cheeks and neck to style all of our beards in the Irish style of the Donegal. There will be live judging at the office that day with the winner getting a small prize and manly boasting rights. So, this picture of me was taken today, but there is more to come for this beard...
Submitted by Mitchel Ahern
I've been wearing the beard since I could grow one. Currently in a long goatee and half (bottom) mustache configuration.
Submitted by Mike Yu
This is me after one month of no shaving. I am planning two more months of growing my special beard. I mean I do save a lot of money on shaving cream given the state of this economy. P.S. I am single and I have no girlfriend. Therefore I am not worrying about being picked on by women. :-) P.S. Please Say No to Valentine's Day.
Submitted by Anonymous
Why just dye your hair? This was done for St. Patrick's Day...
Submitted by Alexandra Bartels
This was my boyfriend and I last Christmas. I guess he was going for the lumberjack look...especially with the shirt.
Submitted by Anonymous
Wife hated it, but if you ever want to get hit on by older (I mean OLDER...) women, grow yourself a Rollie Special.
Submitted by Matt Arnold
The balbo takes a lot of time to keep it looking good but I've had it off and on for a few years now and don't plan on losing it anytime soon. Especially since it takes so long for blond facial hair to look like it's there!
Submitted by Laszlo Meszaros
I started growing it for a few years and kept it trimmed down,but after my mother died,I decided to see how long I could grow it,so far I have let it grow after I stopped smoking and drinking,so far it has changed colors.I seems that I am growing more hair and a different color every time a new one comes in,we shall see what happens,living by myself I just have to wait it out ,till I get tired of it,till then I'll just let it go.
Submitted by S Ortiz
My boyfriend's sexy beard! He just decided to grow it out one day.
Submitted by Mark Stephenson
Working on his Halloween costume as a Garden Nome for next year. Growing since September of 2008
Submitted by Anonymous
I've always had 5:00 shadows and a lot of hair, I'm what the ladies call a wolf, a lion, a bear...all of these are acceptable. I was sick in bed for 3 weeks, didn't shave or go in the sun and living in south florida that can be a huge negative. So I kept the beard, people went crazy! I've always loved the way it looked but was afraid others would think I looked gross, now I get comments like lumberjack, well...lumberjacks are awesome!
Submitted by brian parkhill
Im the guy in the story who grew the beard for the art project
Submitted by Belton Rube
Billy Gibbons, Belton Rube, Frank Beard, Dusty Hill.
Submitted by Anonymous
I spent 15 years in the military and was required to keep a clean shaven appearance. So upon leaving the service I decided to just "let it go". I've tried a variety of facial hair combinations. Some have been good (short boxed, chin strap)..others have not (fu manchu, hulihee), but all in all I have enjoyed the freedom to attempt different looks. Also, I must admit that the attention I was receiving from the opposite sex was surprising. I had always felt (and heard) that women did not care for facial hair, but the response I got proved otherwise. Maybe beards are making a comeback. -K
Submitted by Michael Clasen
A buddy of mine wanted to grow beards as a joke for three months. I thought about it for a while since I have never had facial hair longer than about 2 weeks since I was in the Marines. Decided why not, its cold here in Iowa, how long could it get. Little did we know 2 months into this thing, they were going to take our professional pictures for work!!! And it will be sent out on marketing pieces for clients. Oh boy. Best part, at the end of this, we plan on doing facial hair fun week, everyday you have to come in with something different shaved off and end with the mustache. Good times


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