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Submitted by Jeff Bergsman
Long Neck Tribe near Chiang Mai, Thailand
Submitted by Genie Sprau
Sunset in Florida
Submitted by Anonymous
Louvre Pyramid - stairs leading up to the top level of IM Pei's pyramid at the Louvre. The graphic quality of the stairs and the pyramid were highlighted by the soft sunlight on a gorgeous fall day.
Submitted by John Frederick
Pont Vecchio, Florence Italy. The only bridge in Florence that was not blown up during World War Two by mutual agreement between the American and the German armies. For centuries it has housed the gold merchants. If you like gold jewlery, this is the spot.
Submitted by Anonymous
Matternhorn and Gornergrat Hotel, Zermatt Switzerland
Submitted by Andrea Harrington
Near the view area (of Wadi Araba) after climbing to the Monestery in Petra
Submitted by Angela Ramirez
Magic Fountain - Barcelona, Spain
Submitted by Eric Lopez
sunset on over the mogollon rim, Arizona.
Submitted by Brianne McCoy
Submitted by Randall Elley
Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo Texas, where graffitti is not only allowed, but is encouraged.
Submitted by Walter Stump
A covered bridge near Gorham Maine. Some thing there is about a Covered Bridge in the Fall.
Submitted by Stevi Benton
The Colosseum at night - Rome, Italy
Submitted by Sherwood Hoogveld
Surfers taking it easy after Surfing at Malibu Beach, Ca
Submitted by Barbara Bodine
Spectacular pink flamingos, seen from the train along the route of the Rovos Rail in South Africa.
Submitted by Laralyn Lamont
Mt. Moran reflected in Jackson Lake, Grand Teton National Park, September 2008.
Submitted by Anonymous
Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Submitted by Allison Case
Egyptian sign.
Submitted by Hugh Faulkner
El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. This was taken on a Feburay morning 2009 as we were leaving the park. The lighting and cloud cover were remarkable.
Submitted by Lisa Sinclair
Sheep watching the passerbys at Dunstaburgh Castle in Northumberland, England.
Submitted by Amanda Campbell
This bull elephant blocked the road while we were on safari in Tanzania, Africa. He stopped for a moment and seemed to test us with a mock charge, and then proceeded to move on when he didn't receive any sort of threatening reaction.


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