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Morning Joe Co-host Mika Brzezinski answered some questions from her fans.

To see what fans had to ask as well as Mika's answers, read more below.

What was it that inspired you to become involved with the
journalism field and what other jobs would you have also be interested
in if you did pursue the career you have now? — Pamela Shenberger, Cogan Station, Pa.

I wanted to be a journalist since I was a little girl and my father would take me around with him as he was interviewed on "Meet the Press" and other shows. He thought i was listening to his brilliant analysis. I was actually transfixed by the whole process of television journalism. I knew at fourteen that it was my destiny.

What is your educational background?—  Jasper Pizzo, Brooksville, Fla.
I went to the Madeira School and Williams College.

Is the Morning Joe team really having as much fun on the show and do you get along as well as you all appear to on the show? — Pat Peters, Shaker Heights, Ohio
We have a blast and often forget we are on TV!

What guest would you most like to have on Morning Joe and why? — Mike Panno, Chicago, Ill.
Blago[former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich] — so Joe and Willie will stop obsessing about him.

From the time you were a little girl; did you ever think you would have an African-American president? — Adam Racine, Rouses Point

When you get together with your Dad socially, and you guys are sitting at the dinner table, do you discuss politics and world issues, or do you leave all that stuff at work at MSNBC?—George Liber, Birmingham, Ala.
Oh yes! Its where I get my best material!

How do you juggle work and raising your family? The hours seem are terrible! — Gina, San Diego, Calif.
The hours are but my two daughters love seeing their mommy doing something that fulfills her and they along with my amazing husband are very supportive. I wont deny it is a massive balancing act!

In terms of "Events you hoped would happen someday," where would a steel caged match between Joe and Bill O'Reilly fall? Who do you think would win and would anybody watch? —Judy, Alexandria, Va.
Joe would win but i have no desire to see that. We are a different kind of show.


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