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Video: Do you remember?

"Shock and awe." "The deck of cards." "Embeds." As the Iraq invasion unfurled, these and other previously unfamiliar words were on everyone’s tongues. Take a look back.

Conflict in Iraq

Six years later, Iraq better but still shaky

Six years after the U.S. invaded Iraq, the end of America's costly mission is in sight, but the future of this tortured country is much less clear. Full story

Then and now: Iraq by the numbers

Troop levels. Oil production. Cell phone ownership. Find out key facts and figures since the U.S.-led invasion. Full story

Image: US Troops in Iraq
AFP - Getty Images
Q&A: What to expect as U.S. troops withdraw from Iraq

Jim Miklaszewski, NBC News’ Pentagon correspondent, responds to questions about the plans for the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq. Story

Jessica Lynch

Where are
they now?

Whatever happened to Jessica Lynch? Find out the latest on the rescued soldier — and 14 other figures from the Iraq invasion and its aftermath.

What do you recall about the Iraq invasion?


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Video: Iraq's art springs back to life

  March 15: Baghdad's artists suffered mightily during the country's descent into civil war, and as a result, many left for foreign lands. But now, the community is undergoing a slow rebirth. NBC's Kianne Sadeq reports.


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Image: Iraq National Museum reopens
Getty Images
In Baghdad,
signs of a rebirth

  From the newly reopened national museum to a restored book market to a back-in-business girls’ school, an improved security situation has led to many signs of growth and stability in the Iraqi capital.