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Future Earth: Addicted to Power

  Our reliance on energy may be costing us more than we realize. “Future Earth: Addicted to Power,” narrated by Sam Waterston, is the fourth premiere in the Future Earth series; keep checking for information about our next show.

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About Sam Waterston

The Future Earth narrator is best known for his role on "Law and Order."

Waterston on America’s power addiction

  The host of “Future Earth: Addicted to Power” discusses his involvement with the show.

Historical environmental catastrophes

  July 18, 2001: A Baltimore train carrying hazardous material catches fire and shuts down the city. See archival footage of this and other environment disasters.

Explore '100 Heartbeats,' the previous Future Earth premiere

Quiz: How much do you know about the environment?

What has been a cause of breeding problems in captive cheetahs? What effect does global warming have on coral? Test your iCue here!

Web exclusives
A day with a white shark researcher

See images from Save Our Seas, a foundation whose goal is protection and preservation of the global marine environment.

How can we help save species?

  Learn what you can do to keep some of the planet’s most precious creatures thriving.

Red wolves on the rebound?

  Rebounding from 17 in 1980 to 100 today, the red wolves are a story of hope.  Naturalist Jeff Corwin has their inspiring tale.

See Jeff Corwin in action

Ocean life isn’t always easy

  Corwin travels to Indonesia to swim with hawksbill turtles and show the dangers they are facing in the oceans they live.


Corwin meets a tiger

  Corwin has a rare encounter with a tiger in Cambodia and works with local vets to discover what is causing their decline.


Saving species in Cambodia

  Corwin uncovers the illegal trade of pangolins and yellow-headed temple turtles in Cambodia.


Young elephant escapes death

  Corwin meets Chhouk, an elephant in Cambodia who was snared by a poacher, and the conservationists who have helped him walk again.


See orangutans’ life in Sumatra

  Corwin visits Sumatra to profile critically endangered orangutans.


Logging: A big threat

  Corwin visits Cambodia to look at illegal logging and what it is doing to the rainforests and the endangered animals there.

From "Journey to the End of the World"

Bring the mission home

Order the special edition DVD of the first part, "Future Earth: Journey to the End of the World," filled with bonus extras.


See it through the eyes of Siberian Huskies

See the mission as experienced by two Siberian huskies with the crew, Zagrey and Tiksi.


'I never felt my eyeballs freeze'

Grant Redvers describes how humans thaw out after being exposed to extreme cold.

Learn more

Hot topic: Ice melting at North and South Poles

  April 6: The collapse of an ice bridge at the South Pole and record thinning of Arctic ice at the North Pole, indicate the global climate is warming faster than thought, and prompts international calls for action.

Test your iCue:
Play the Future Earth quiz!

What is the leading cause of the declining penguin population? How much has the temperature of Antarctica changed over the past 50 years? Take our quiz to test your knowledge of environmental issues.

Archival videos

The history of Earth Day

April 22, 2008: On Earth Day 2008, NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw recounts the history of Earth Day.


First Earth Day: Youth speak out

April 22, 1970: During the first Earth Week, Sen. Gaylord Nelson, co-founder of Earth Day, joins answer questions from college students.


North Pole claim disputed

Oct. 12, 1988: Admiral Robert Peary's long-time claim to be the first person to reach the North Pole, in 1909, is questioned in 1988.