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Video: Elkhart Project  
Image: A man hammers a trumpet in a factory
Elkhart rebound
The data show the recession-battered economy in Elkhart, Ind., is slowly recovering, but many who are still without work say they don’t see any evidence of that.

Bank Tracker
Image: Bank teller helping customer
Data file
Check financial reports for each of 8,000 banks in the U.S. in the Bank Tracker, from and American University's Investigative Reporting Workshop.
Adversity Index
A measure of the economic health of 384 metro areas and the 50 states, from Moody's Analytics and
Economy in turmoil
A look at the events leading up to the mess on Wall Street.
Video: Economy in turmoil
First Crop of Japan's Beni Roman Apples on Sale for $800 a Case
Japan's first highly coveted Beni Roman apples hit the auction block for the first time this season, bringing in $800 per case. The apples are sought by those in the know, due to their Summertime ripeness.

  Special Report: Reinventing America

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