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Submitted by Donna Parry
Lady's Smile
Submitted by Teresa York
This was taking inside the Vatican in Rome Italy October 2008
Submitted by Anonymous
On a recent trip to Egypt I ran into this enormous demonstration for the prophet Mohammad's birthday.
Submitted by David Funderburk
Mother seal and pup, Alaska
Submitted by Diane Martino
Jokusarlon Lagoon - South East Iceland - February 2009 trip Complete peace...
Submitted by Steven safaty
Birds in Moscow, Idaho, the last weekend in March
Submitted by Jenny Bush
The cherry blossoms in bloom outside the Capital
Submitted by Graham Moore
View across Waikiki bay towards Diamond Head, taken Mar 2004
Submitted by Heidi Roth
Gondolas along the canals in Venice, Italy
Submitted by Robert Crocken
This picture was taken March 30 at the Painted Rock Dam Petroglyph Site 15 miles west of Gila Bend, Arizona. What is amazing about it is the Chuckwalla (the second largest lizard in North America) is next to the 1000 year old petroglyph of a lizard (probably a Chuckwalla). We waited around for 2 hours to see if this could happen and it did - what are the chances of that happening?
Submitted by Anonymous
Santorini is a spectacular location but it was the dogs, who have the run of the place, that were the most photogenic
Submitted by Judy Krebsbach
Picture taken at a church in Corfu, in the Greek Isles
Submitted by Anonymous
Jellyfish from Big Island Hawaii
Submitted by Anonymous
Ballooning in Cappadocia, Turkey...a thrill of a lifetime!
Submitted by Anonymous
I am living in India and was lucky enough to be at the Taj Mahal with perfect late day lighting, beautiful clouds and a perfectly placed bird.
Submitted by Matt Dougan
mail delivery in color I had never seen such a variety of colorful mailboxes as I did on this road in Galisteo, NM
Submitted by Andrew Doran
Basilica of St. Francis at sunset in the summer of 2007. Assisi, Italy.
Submitted by Ravi Singh
A picture of a man guiding a boat in the backwaters of Kerela
Submitted by Gideon Dionne
Sundown, Nahuel Huapi Lake, Argentina
Submitted by Liz Lenihan
Splish, splash I was takin' a bath... Adelie penguins follow each other in Antarctica I call this photo: " You go first..."
Submitted by Antoine Keller
Sunset over Mt. Meru from Mt. Kilimanjaro
Submitted by Anonymous
Piazza San Marco
Submitted by Brigitte Rose
Rule #1 at the Grand Bazaar--know how to haggle. My friends and I were successful in haggling for these beautiful, glass lamps at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey. We ended up buying three.
Submitted by Dawn Valentim
The dome of the US Capital Building
Submitted by Jerry Prince
Glimpse of McKinley During a weeks track across Alaska - mostly in the rain - the sun debute giving this awe inspiring sight.
Submitted by Sandip Ray
Christ the Redeemer, on the Corcovado Mountain, from the top of Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro. March 2009.
Submitted by Rita Bartholomew
One of the many serene faces we encountered in the Bayon during our trip to see the temples of Angkor Wat in Siem Riep, Cambodia.
Submitted by Vernon Cook
Aview of the Temple of Karnak, Egypt
Submitted by Vikram Kothari
Grand Palace, Bangkok, Thailand
Submitted by Rafael Bustamante
The Clock Tower at Parliament in London. It was our last night in London and I was getting close to missing dinner reservations but I had to have one more shot in the early evening before darkness enveloped the clock and Big Ben began its lonely toll…


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