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More on HIV/AIDS

Image: A boy gzaes through a window during a nap session at the Mai Hoa orphanage in An Nhon Tay, Vietnam.
  Slide show: The faces of AIDS
See images of the disease’s global impact, including an orphaned girl in West Papua, some famous faces fighting the disease and advocates marching for change in Taiwan.

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AIDS around the globe
Interactive map: Where do the 33 million HIV-infected live?
AIDS multimedia
  A journey once impossible
July 3, 2008: Tobha Nzima lost her 8-year-old son and two partners to AIDS and was near death herself, but after taking free antiretroviral drugs she got better. NBC's Ann Curry reports.
Image: Border crossing in Zambia
  HIV's dangerous path
Sex workers, truckers at an African border town key to HIV’s spread.
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