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Click here for a state-by-state guide to resources, including attorney general offices and Better Business Bureaus.

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  The Hansen Files
Dateline wires the home of a volunteer, Jenny, from top to bottom with hidden cameras.  Then she called repairmen to her house for a simple problem we created as a test with Jenny's pool.  NBC's Chris Hansen reports.

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  Dateline Special Report
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Side airbags make all the difference
2006 midsize car crash test
Seven popular midsize cars tested
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Image: Man of Steel
Summer flicks for less than the price of popcorn
Superman may be faster than a speeding bullet and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, but fans lining up for showings of "Man of Steel" over opening weekend are likely to discover he's powerless against rising movie prices. A trip to the movies is getting more expensive.Here's how to get those tickets for less.

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