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Are poker ‘bots’ raking online pots?
Some suspect computer programs have infiltrated Internet games
More on Internet gambling
A poker player tries the online game
The Internet version of the game is faster, more like musical chairs
WTO sides against U.S. on Net gambling
WTO interim report says U.S. can't ban cross-border Net bets
WTO Net betting ruling downplayed
U.S. won't alter approach even if appeal fails, experts say
Net casino allegedly stiffs big winner
Dispute turns into public debate on online gambling forums
Making waves in Asia
Nations come to grips with economic, social impact of 24/7 betting
Global race is on for a piece of the action
International players seek piece of the pie
Americans stranded in paradise
Online bookmakers face tough choice — exile or likely stretch in U.S. jail
Betting on the Super Bowl at Warp 5
Web sites offer nonstop action throughout game

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Siren's song
Nov. 4, 2003 -- Matt Lauer looks at the growing problem of online gambling addiction.

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