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2. Afghanistan: Land of exodus
Displaced by war, Afghans are now fleeing a two-year drought
3. Afghanistan’s cash crop wilts
A U.S. financed campaign against opium yields iresults and questions
4. Rethinking Osama bin Laden
Focus on terrorism’s bogeyman backfires
5. Afghanistan is in eye of beholder
Reporter's Notebook: A country torn apart by war maintains its pride, hospitality
4. Osama bin Laden: A primer
An updated FAQ on al-Qaida's founder

  MSNBC International Correspondent
Preston Mendenhall

Mendenhall traveled to Afghanistan in April, 2001. In December, 2003, he left to become Moscow Correspondent of NBC News.

Torn by conflict
Afghanistan's tumultuous history
1/04: Terms of estrangement       
8/03: Intel Wars                          
2/03: Defensible spending?           

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