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Making breakfast certainly sounds safe enough — unless the bacon grease scalds and startles you, causing you to jump back, sprain your ankle and hit your head, as happened to a reader from Salsbury, N.C., who responded to an story about people who are accident prone.

Hundreds wrote in to share tales of tripping, slipping, breaking bones, walking into dressers and, in one case, being hit by a roast. While one reader was hurt in an incident involving 600 pounds of chicken, for most, it's the everyday pitfalls that seem to trip people up. "Stair cases have become my worst enemy," one reader wrote, "as well as icy sidewalks."

Some say they were distracted and not paying attention when they got hurt, while others still are scratching their heads over what went wrong. "Crossing a street one day with my dad, I fell on straight dry pavement and I was wearing sneakers," wrote one reader.

Read on for more reader responses:

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