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Quotes of the Day NEWSMAKER QUOTE OF THE DAYFormer NYC Police Commissioner, former interim minister of the Interior and senior policy advisor to the U.S. Presidential Envoy in Iraq, Bernard Kerik talks to Imus about the situation in Iraq:“The feel in this city, the feel in the country is the everyday crime is coming down. The resistance is still there. The resistance is going to be there for some while until you take out all the primary heads of the resistance and that takes time and it takes intelligence. The answer is not more troops. You know I’ve watched over the past week or so all these presidential candidates get up on television and say we need more troops and that there’s not a plan. Well, there is a plan. And the plan is to keep pushing forward to collect intelligence, to create an intelligence service. The answer is not more troops. You put more U.S. troops, you make more U.S. targets. We have to make sure that we know what’s going on within the country and that’s intelligence, so they have to create an Iraqi intelligence service to do that. And that’s all being done, it just takes time.” SHOW QUOTE OF THE DAYImus comments on Richard Grasso:“It just seems outrageous. The fact is the guy was worth the money. He wasn’t just some pencil pushing regulator. He was almost like Wall Street’s version of Elvis.”You can get on our e-mailing list today by clicking right here: SUBSCRIBE(Or just read our online edition below.)

IMUS DAILY E-MAILMonday, September 22

Join us at 6am eastern for IMUS in the Morning

on MSNBC. We’ll have all the days news headlines

every fifteen minutes, including reports from

NBC News correspondents around the world.

Our featured guest ofthe morning is Rudy Giuliani:

At 8:29 am eastern, America’s most popular

mayor, Rudy Giuliani joins Imus. Rudy is

an honorary co-chair of the 14th Annual

AT&T Steven A. Cox Charity Classic taking

place on Monday. Rudy will be one of the

celebrity participants trying to earn money

for charity at the Imus Teed Off Challenge VI.

They’ll also talk about Richard Grasso resigning

from the NYSE.. Rudy’s name has been mentioned

as an ideal candidate.. what does he think?


Cox Charity

At 7:29 am eastern, Bill O’Reilly from

FOX News will join Imus to talk about his

new book “Who’s Looking Out for You”.

They’ll also talk about the latest news

from Iraq. Are more US troops needed?

Did the government not put enough thought

into the post-war? Will we ever find

Saddam.. do we need to? They’ll also talk

about the latest on the political front...

everything from the presidential candidates

to President Bush. And don’t forget about

Richard Grasso resigning from the NYSE.

Will the stock exchange split his job

into two? Is this just the beginning of

changes for the NYSE?


Required Reading

“Hurricane Isabel knocked out power

to more than 2.5 million people before

weakening into a tropical storm as

it raced up the Eastern Seaboard

early Friday, swamping tidal communities

along Chesapeake Bay, uprooting trees,

disrupting air traffic and shutting down

the nation’s capital.”Isabel Weakens To Tropical

“Former Gen. Sultan Hashim Ahmad,

Iraq’s last defense minister under

Saddam Hussein, surrendered to the

American general in charge of the

north of the country Friday after

weeks of negotiations, a Kurdish

mediator said.”Former Iraqi Defense Minister

“Guerrillas killed three U.S. soldiers

and wounded two others in an ambush

near Saddam Hussein’s hometown of

Tikrit, Iraq, late Thursday, a U.S.

military spokesman said. The fatalities

occurred hours after guerrillas ambushed

a U.S. military convoy with a remote-controlled

bomb, sparking a heavy gunbattle in which a

3-year-old boy was wounded in the chest

and two trucks were destroyed.”3 U.S. Soldiers Killed Near

“An Indonesian court sentenced an

Islamic militant to life imprisonment

today for his role in the Bali bombings,

which last year killed 202 people, many

of them tourists.”Bali Bomber Is Sentenced To Life TermNY

“A federal appeals court was expected to

decide Friday whether to re-hear a lawsuit

that resulted in the postponement of

California’s recall election.”Calif. Candidates Await Next Court RulingWashington

“With little chance that a resolution

on Iraq will be approved quickly, President

Bush is pinning his hopes on face-to-face

diplomacy he will conduct on the sidelines

of his visit to the United Nations in

New York on Tuesday.”Bush To Pursue New Iraq Resolution At U.N.NY

“Sweden closed canal locks, banned private

flights and put hundreds of police in the

streets of the capital on Friday to protect

foreign leaders at a memorial service for

slain Foreign Minister Anna Lindh.”Sweden Holds Memorial For Slain PoliticianNY

Imus Stuff

“Authorities on Thursday arrested

a Swiss bodybuilding coach they

said made a $3 million offer to

kill the woman who has accused

Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe

Bryant of sexual assault.”Man held for threat against Kobe

“As the giant financial market

ushered in the post-Grasso era

with a rousing stock rally, NYSE

officials said they were considering

an array of changes to how the

exchange is structured, including

possibly separating its business

and regulatory functions.”Grasso’s ouster just the

“The economy is improving for the

super rich. After two years of

declines, the total net worth of

America’s richest people rose 10

percent to $955 billion this year

from 2002, according to Forbes

magazine’s annual ranking of the

nation’s 400 wealthiest individuals.”America’s richest people get

“Untold hours of hard work culminated

in 30 historic seconds for Neil Parry

- and now, he isn’t satisfied by his

amazing return to football. Next time,

he wants to hit somebody.”Amputee finally back in the

“Mike Shanahan lied and got away with

it. The Broncos coach was cleared of

any wrongdoing Thursday after explaining

to league officials why he lied about

Jake Plummer’s injury during a game

last weekend.”Shanahan escapes

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