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While attending Fordham University, Lou Rufino worked at WFUV-FM for three years as the assistant operations director. In addition to engineering news and public affairs programs, he also hosted a rock music program. Lou then went on to work on the John Gambling program, “Rambling With Gambling,” for a year.

When he started with WFAN they were called WHN. He engineered Mets baseball broadcasts and ran country music programs. When the station switched to WFAN, Lou produced, engineered and edited various programs for Jim Lampley and Greg Gumbel.

Lou Rufino is known for having the largest record and CD collection in the Northern Hemisphere. His musical tastes span from Neil Diamond to the Dead Kennedys. He is known in certain circles as the “Fourth” Beastie Boy.

Lou boasts at having been to the last Nirvana concert before Kurt Cobain’s untimely demise and is a big fan of Bob Grant’s radio program. Lou can also recite the words to the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” from beginning to end. During his tenure with Imus, he has switched places with the I-man twice on the air.

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