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Gen. Wesley Clark sounds like a candidate. Bob Graham, a presidential candidate, is facing re-election for Florida’s senate seat as well. And a new website calls for a “Bush recall.”

General Wesley Clark hasn’t announced his decision, but he is sounding more and more like a candidate. In fact, everybody thinks is he a candidate. Until then, he is joining the other Democrats in criticizing the Bush administration over Iraq. He says, “It’s long overdue for the United States to go to the United Nations. The post-Iraq war operations plan for what to do afterwards should have been ironed out before the conflict ever began.”

Anyway, Bob Graham is a presidential candidate already, but he also faces re-election for his Florida’s Senate seat. He has until May, 2004 to decide whether to run again for the Senate. Today, the home state “Orlando Sentinel” said: “For his sake and Florida’s he should drop out of the presidential race. In refashioning himself as a Democratic candidate for president, Mr. Graham has moved away from the moderate, bipartisan approach he has successfully followed in Washington. His shifts to the political left and partisanship during the campaign already have alienated political moderates in Florida.”

Meanwhile, we’ve been following closely the California governor recall race. But, how is President Bush doing in the Golden State? Not well, according to the latest field poll. 47 percent of Californians would choose the Democratic nominee for president compared with 42 percent for Bush. That’s a reverse from April when Bush was on top 45 percent to 40 percent. By the way, reminder, again, they don’t know who the Democrat is going to be. Neither do I. Neither do you. So, saying you are for the democrat don’t mean much. And inspired by the California recall, a group of Democrats calling themselves the “Fair and balanced PAC, “today, launch this web site. Among the group’s founders is Joe Lockhart, press secretary to former President Bill Clinton. Note: The constitution provides no way to recall a president through a ballot initiative as California voters have a chance to do. Instead, the group is working to defeat Bush in next year’s election. How clever.

Finally, during our debate last night over whether Arnold Schwarzenegger is smart enough to be governor, California Democratic strategist, Bob Mulholland, compared Schwarzenegger to another California governor who was once an actor: Ronald Reagan. In making his case, Mulholland said this,”Ronald Reagan was at the 1964 Republican convention. He was the keynote speaker.” Well, just to correct the spin. Ronald Reagan was at the 1964 convention as an alternate delegate, but he wasn’t the keynote speaker. That honor went to Mark Hatfield of Oregon. He was Oregon’s governor at the time. As I said last night, Reagan later made a famous commercial called “A Time For Choosing” on behalf of the 1964 Republican candidate, Barry Goldwater.

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