Mike Barnicle is a columnist for the New York Daily News and host of a daily radio program on WTKK-FM in Boston. He is a frequent guest — and occasional guest host on “Hardball.”

A veteran print and broadcast journalist known for his biting, to-the-point commentaries, Barnicle also broadcasts a nationally syndicated radio commentary, and, since 1982, has been a regular contributor to WCVB-TV’s nightly news magazine “Chronicle.”

He has also regularly provided commentary to NBC and MSNBC. Mike has written for Esquire, George, ESPN Magazine, and was a columnist for The Boston Globe for 25 years. He has won local and national awards and recognition for both his print and broadcast work in his more than quarter century in journalism.

Mike began his career working for a variety of well-known political figures including the late Robert F. Kennedy and Edmund Muskie. A graduate of Boston University, Barnicle lives outside Boston with his wife, Anne and their children.

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