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On each College Tour stop, one student will face-off with Chris Matthews. Watch them try to answer as many questions as they can in 90 seconds. Check out the correct answers, below, and read the rules to the Hardball ‘Hot Seat.’

CHRIS MALONE, a senior majoring in Psychology at the University of Minnesota, was the first-ever contestant for this year’s Hardball ‘Hot Seat.’ He got 10 out of 17 questions correct.

THE questions and the CORRECT ANSWERS

1. What is the only state Walter Mondale won in the 1984 elections?Answer: Minnesota

2. Who is the current head of the FBI?Answer: Robert Mueller

3. Which nation became a “formal partner” in NATO in May 2002?Answer: Russia

4. Who is the current head of the Palestinian Authority?Answer: Yassir Arafat

5. “ANWR” refers to oil-rich territory found in which U.S. state?Answer: Alaska

6. Who came up with the idea of daylight savings time?Answer: Benjamin Franklin

7. Who broadcasted “War of the Worlds,” causing thousands to flee in panic?Answer: Orson Welles

8. Which president brought the U.S. troops home from Vietnam?Answer: Richard Nixon

9. Which U.S. nuclear power plant had a radiation scare that evacuated the town?Answer: 3-Mile Island

10. What is the national airline of Israel?Answer: El Al

11. Prohibition ended in what year?Answer: 1933

12. Who removed General Douglas MacArthur of his command in Korea?Answer: Harry S. Truman

13. Who is the current president of the Philippines?Answer: Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo

14. What was the first U.S. canal built?Answer: Erie Canal

15. Which wagon train got stuck crossing the Sierra Nevadas resorting to cannibalism to survive?Answer: Donner party

16. What is the capital of Wisconsin?Answer: Madison

17. Which English immigrant wrote ‘Common Sense’?Answer: Thomas Paine

Next Thursday, we’ll be posting the ‘Hot Seat’ quiz as an interactive. Come back and see how many questions you can answer.

Click here for the playing and official rules for the Hardball ‘Hot Seat.’

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