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Wounded American soldiers getting billed for their hospital food. This is a story that many of you alerted us to and you alerted us to a “St. Petersburg Times” report about this. Medical care is free, but hospitalized soldiers are expected to pay $8.10 per day for food.

Brave soldiers who have lost limbs, blood, and many their livelihood fighting for this country are getting letters warning that collections agencies may soon be after them to collect hundreds of dollars in unpaid hospital food bills. What an outrage. The theory behind it is that most soldiers get a stipend of $8.10 per day to cover food expenses and if they’re in the hospital, they’re supposedly double dipping.

Come on, we really care about enforcing that when a soldier is hospitalized? That’s the message you want to send to our young men and women? There’s a bill pending in Congress to change the law and I certainly hope that it will pass in the very near future. That is one additional governmental expense I hope we are all willing to pay.

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