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Local Business Opens its Doors on a New Venture in Time for the Rally
The official start of the Sturgis Rally is just five days away and many vendors and local businesses are finishing up final preparations before the big crowd rolls in. For ten days the population in the Black Hills nearly triples, but local business owners say they are ready for the influx of people. Taking the small town of Sturgis from 6,600 people to more than 400,000 bikers passing through during Rally Week. "It seems like it starts a little sooner every year," said Ken McNenny, the Owner and Manager at The Knuckle Saloon. The Knuckle Saloon in Sturgis says although the biker crowds came earlier than expected this year, that they are now ready and putting together the final touches. "We've been packed the last two weeks its really been surprising kind of caught us off guard a little bit," said McNenny. Unveiling a new brewery just last week, the owners are hoping to attract even more bike enthusiasts. "Its alwasy kind of been a dream of the partners and our employees that we would brew our own beer," said McNenny. The beer is made on location and the beer on tap comes straight from the Brite beer tanks, not from a keg, keeping the beer at its best. "Its defintley from what I've seen around the country on my tours, I've seen a few of them but most people are kegging there beer," said Andrew McGuire, the Lead Brewer.  Construction on the brewery started in October, and McGuire says he's ready to start brewing. "I'v only been brewing a short time, but long enough to really fall in love with it and develop a great passion for it," said McGuire. They have four beers currently on tap; an irish red ale, blonde ale, pale ale and a black IPA. And the owners are hoping to add a fifth beer before the start of rally.  "I'm brewing what I like to drink and I've had a lot of good feedback there," said McGuire. Good feedback for a project thats been a long time in the making. "they're just surprised that they finally get a brewery in Sturgis South Dakota and were the first ones," said McNenny. The owners hope to add a sixth beer to tap in the next couple of months.

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