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TODAY looks at Hispanic America

In a week-long series, TODAY examines a wide range of issues facing the Hispanic community. From population growth and immigration to trailblazing Hispanic women and the Latin influence on entertainment, we will feature the diverse ways Hispanic people have impacted the country.

Las noticias en espanol via Telemundo
Michelle Caruso-Cabrera: Trailblazing Latinas

CNBC's first Latina anchor profiles five pioneering women who are realizing the American dream, and shares her own story about breaking barriers.

Lost in translation: Latinos and the bilingual divide

Meet Latina movers and shakers

  Video: CNBC’s Michelle Caruso-Cabrera looks at how five trailblazing Hispanic women have overcome barriers to get where they are.


Should education be bilingual?

  Video: As more Spanish-speaking English learners enroll in public schools, teachers are caught between two educational philosophies.

What I learned from living in Peru

NBC News correspondent Kerry Sanders remembers living and working in Lima, Peru, and how that has helped him.

Families and immigration

Carl Quintanilla reports on families made up of both legal and illegal residents trying to stay together.

Why explore these issues now?

Natalie Morales writes about why it's important to understand the issues facing Hispanic Americans.

Latin American recipes
Take your taste buds to Puerto Rico

Try chef Denisse Oller's recipe for sauteed red snapper with garlic paprika sauce, taro root puree and green rice. Recipe

Chicken with a sweet mole sauce

Marcela Valladolid gives you simple ways to indulge in delicious Mexican meals right at home. Recipe

Fish tacos offer a taste of tradition

Dive into a plate of fish tacos that are bursting with textures and flavors, courtesy of Jose Garces. Recipe

Photo features
Barack Obama, Sonia Sotomayor

The life of Sonia Sotomayor

  Images: From a childhood in the Bronx to her nomination as a Supreme Court justice at the White House.

2015 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals
Getty Images

Making of a superstar

  Images: From Fly Girl to international celebrity, Jennifer Lopez's rise to fame has made her a global phenomenon.

Image: Enrique Iglesias.
Getty Images

Caliente! Latin pop stars

  Images: From Enrique and Ricky to Shakira and J.Lo , here’s a look at pop music’s spicy and sexy Latin invasion.