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Image: Equipment operator

In hard-hit town, some economic hope on horizon

  Video: Signs of optimism as residents return to work and find ways to adapt to new reality.

Mixed feelings about Obama

After thrusting city into national spotlight, doubts linger.  Story

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The recession is a national story, but its effects are local and personal. Few cities have felt this more than Elkhart, Ind., one of the earliest to see recession.

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Image: Michael Horning, 17, attending the Elkhart County 4-H Fair in Goshen, Ind.
Image: Stimulus tracker map

Stimulus Tracker

Follow the tax dollars

Cost of recession
Suicide adds to the cost of the recession

Coroner presides over a sad tally, tracking a rising number of suicides that he believes are linked to the lingering recession.

As days without work pass, options dwindle

For Lawrie Covey and millions of other unemployed workers faced with losing their benefits, life remains a day-to-day struggle.

As jobs go away, disability claims soar

Advocates and officials say two main factors are driving the surge in filings: aging baby boomers and the downturn. 

Unintended consequences
Troops’ new mission: Try to find work

National Guardsmen are coming home from Iraq to face a new enemy — an economic meltdown that took their jobs.

U.S. stimulus buoys U.K. plant’s workers

With some U.S. companies reaching out to foreign partners, some of the $787 billion stimulus package is crossing borders.

Image: David Weaver sells furniture at the Shipshewana Flea Market.
For Amish, recession is challenge, blessing

Factory job losses have hurt finances in the commnity, but downturn also has renewed focus on faith and family. 

Moving forward
Counties feel the stimulus differently

If you want to win the stimulus sweepstakes, it helps to have one of the planet's nastiest toxic waste sites in your back yard.

Creating industrial diversity is hard to do

Hamstrung by an ailing RV industry, city is seeing firsthand the monumental task of clawing back from such a big economic hit.

The hope, and the hype of ‘green’ jobs

Around the country, officials, entrepreneurs, and even some of the biggest companies see dollar signs. But how close?

The next generation
Graduating in to a hard-to-predict future

These five new high school graduates from Elkhart all expecting a bright future despite facing uniquely uncertain times.

Hard to let go for
freshmen’s parents

Each year, 1.8 million incoming freshmen head off to college. For their parents, it can be a time of loss and sadness.

Finding their way after high school

Video: Graduating into the “real world,” five teens find that adulthood is a balancing act with dreams countering reality.

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Their own troubles
in their own words

Many of the city’s citizens face an uncertain economic future. The give voice to their problems and offer potential solutions.
Assembling a travel trailer piece by piece

Watch the manufacturing process in fast forward as workers take the vehicle from frame to finished product in time-lapse video.
Prisoners describe
the ravages of meth

In good times and bad, meth continues to hit northern Indiana hard. Three former addicts describe the drug's toll.