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Submitted by Charles Anthony
Guess what he sells at the market in Costa Rica?
Submitted by Anonymous
Picture taken last month at the Koningssee near Berchtsgaden, Germany. The lake, surrounded by fjords, is located in the Bavarian Alps and is a popular tourist destination in Germany. This was right as the storm was clearing.
Submitted by Katht Cantwell
Taken 2006 at The " Haleakala National Park" Maui.
Submitted by Richard Bellanger
Hawaii's tropical colors. A lucky shot from about 25ft. I call it/him "Bandit" for covering his face like this. His stare never left me like an intruder. It was shot with a Canon A-1 and 200 2.8L @ 2.0 convertor. The film was Fuji Velvia and caught full frame. The depth of field was wide open and hand focused on the eyes. The fine feathered crest and blured fore and aft show such a minimal depth of field.
Submitted by John Bankson
On a camping trip at Lake Bob Sandlin State Park in northeast Texas, upon returning from our hike, we caught this burglar dipping into our stash of Pringles.
Submitted by Donna Bramlett
Lady Liberty. I like how I caught this just as a helicopter passed by her. It gives great perspective on the sheer size of her.
Submitted by Sue Bissell
Colorado Rocky Mountains. July flowers next to a 4 wheel drive road above 10,000 ft.
Submitted by Matt Dougan
I took this photo a while back at the Cadillac ranch near Amarillo, TX. I used an old film camera and the colors came out with a burned look to it, that lends to the classic nostalgic feel of the picture, a road worn picture.
Submitted by Jim Mandeville
Inside Passage
Submitted by Andrew Nalley
Vietnam Memorial
Submitted by Babette Rittmeyer
In the fog - a typical summer day in Castine, Maine where the more you look, the more you see.
Submitted by Karin Snyder
Maple Leaf in a soda spring, Ashland, Oregon
Submitted by Shaun Roberts
Monument Valley,AZ
Submitted by Walter Stump
Not all glaciers in Switzerland are receding
Submitted by Charlie Nyara
The afternoon glory of Smith Rock.
Submitted by Phil Pesch
TABU Taken on Christmas Day in Cabo San Jose in Baja California, Mexico, this reflection in a clothing store window was too interesting to pass up.
Submitted by Anonymous
Bow Lake, Alberta
Submitted by Meg Jameson
Eiffel Tower at night, Paris, France July 2005
Submitted by Ron Dymesich
Bee in a Apricot blossom. Tucson Spring.
Submitted by Louise Fitzgerak=ld
The stark beauty of the Namibian desert.


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