Submitted by Charlie Nyara

June 26

Congratulations to Charlie Nyara of Corvallis, Oregon, whose photo of Smith Rock at Smith Rock State Park in central Oregon is this week's top-rated image in our It’s A Snap travel photo contest.

Nyara snapped the image while taking his girlfriend on her birthday this past Memorial Day for a ‘quick’ hike to show her the magnificent view.

“The quickest way up is the steepest, it’s pretty tough”, said Nyara; adding that the same route isn’t the safest way down, so they chose to take the longer, more scenic backside trail.

“My girlfriend is terrified of snakes, and I promised she wouldn't see any. ... On the way back down, she saw a snake (a harmless gardner snake) and freaked out. … As I took the picture she’s behind me, scanning the area.”

In the end, what was supposed to be a quick hike, took three hours round trip. Nonetheless, the couple made it down with no further drama. Love conquers all—excluding the fear of snakes.


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