Detailed allegations in the Kobe Bryant sexual-assault case; Britney Spear’s not-so-innocent image; the plight of prisoners at Guatanamo Bay; and liberals’ support for retired Gen. Wesley Clark are today’s topics.


On the Kobe Bryant rape case:

Kobe’s defense wanted to destroy the 19-year-old girl’s credibility by implying she’s a slut who sleeps around with different men and that she had a mental problem. How about Kobe? I’m sure he slept with hundreds of women before he got married and maybe even after he got married. That is why he is in this mess in the first place.

I would suggest for the District Attorney to encourage all women who were forced into having sex with Kobe to come forward and tell their story. Of course they loved it but how they were seduced and coerced into agreeing in this consensual sex is the key factor. I won’t be surprised there would be a dozens of those who will be willing to testify about his power tripping.

If Mike Tyson went to jail for the same charge, I can imagine Kobe’s case is even worse than that of Mike. Don’t you agree? Isn’t it Mike’s defense is the same, the woman is his date for that night who agreed to go to his room and have a little kiss etc. But when Mike wanted more she said “NO,” but he got upset and forced her into sex. With Kobe, they flirted and she was happy to be invited in his room but when he wanted more and she said “NO”... it means “NO” = RAPE.

I hope you will write some editorial about how the DA needs to play a hard ball since the defense is doing it.
Los Angeles

Re: “What were they thinking?” by Michael Ventre:

I sooo love it when a sports news reporter steps into the open air and drops his pants revealing his small IQ to the reading public. Ventre loves dropping his “subliminals.” He feels that, “Kobe Bryant’s image has been forever altered in an ominous way” as a result of yesterday’s testimony. I guess that’s what a little journalistic power can do? Make you blind to facts, and create a conclusion jumping journalist who accidentally lets us all know that he believes ‘what is said in public’, has to be true. Ahhh Mr. Hearst, where art thou!!!

From all indications, the statements from the hearing, which have been repeated and reprinted from coast to coast, are about as reliable as tabloid rumors. But I guess Ventre would admit that tabloid rumors could be true — and are factual enough to damage the careers of each and every superstar named. M. Ventre would never view his statements as being tabloidish — though he did feel it necessary to discuss the ohh Sooo repeated “kiss his penis” statement and so I will too, because it feels good to write it — and that’s the ONLY reason I can imagine it keeps getting printed —everywhere.

Right now, the prosecution has one of the weakest cases in rape history. The physical evidence does not reveal any bruising consistent with having your neck grabbed in a physically controlling manner (try this at home — you will bruise) — by a large strong hand — or any abdominal abrasions which would be expected when a person is forcibly bent over a chair. Actually the lack of abrasions of any kind is astonishing!

Ventre wants me to look at Kobe with shock based on allegations that the National Enquirer would turn down. Instead, journalists like Michael Ventre are becoming more shocking everyday.
Alex Franks
San Diego


On “She’s not that innocent - about image

Editors of

Please stop peddling soft porn! Your apparent chastisement of Britney Spears is hypocritical. When I go to your Web site for the latest news, I do not wish to be tempted by so much skin, of any woman.

“Rebuke your neighbor frankly, so that you do not share in his guilt (Leviticus 19:17b).”

“Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised (Proverbs 31:30).”

“Do not be misled: ‘Bad company corrupts good character.’ Come back to your senses as you ought, and stop sinning; for there are some who are ignorant of God - I say this to your shame (1Corinthians 15:33-34).”

For what it’s worth, I can not in good conscience praise Ms. Spears for her preoccupation with her sexuality, and your peddling of soft porn demonstrates that when I choose to go to your web site for news, I am also choosing to keep bad company.

Sincerely Loosing Interest in,
Anthony Ticknor
Hilliard, Ohio


This is in response to your article, ”Red Cross blasts U.S. over detainees“:

While organizations can criticize the U.S. for its treatment of these irregular combatants, there is very little precedent in international law for how these types of individuals are to be treated. As such, the U.S. is giving them the benefits accorded under the Geneva Convention that are normally only given to proper Prisoners of War.

Some may not approve of treating these irregular combatants in accordance with the Geneva Convention, however, I have no concern over that given what these people did to us on September 11th. Frankly, they’re lucky to be treated as well as they are.


On “Swooning for General Clark“:

I agree we need to assess Gen. Clark, along with his competitors for the nomination, with care and skepticism. But I quarrel with the main part of your thesis: that progressives are swooning just because he can beat W. I think that’s an important ingredient but not the only one. Gen. Clark also comes off as committed to progressive principles, honest and a real leader. He has not shown the irascibility of a Dean or the mindless hawkishness of a Lieberman. If this were a perfect world, I would resurrect Harry Truman and John Kennedy to run as a team against Bush and Cheney. We haven’t figured out that science yet so we have to choose from the alternatives we have.

If Dean and Clark want to team up (I think this highly unlikely) all the better. But if I have to put my vote down for one of them, right now it would be for General Clark — a thoughtful, mindful, moderate leader who can kick W’s ass in a fight, fair or unfair. That ain’t swooning baby, it’s realpolitik.
Christopher Barnes
Studio City


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