Submitted by Jason Aarons
1999 Chevrolet Blazer got 19 MPG, replaced with 2009 Honda Odyssey via Cash for Clunkers. I had this car for 10 years, got married in it, had all 3 kids leave the hospital as new-borns in it! Needed more room in addition to price of fuel made it un-economical.
Submitted by Steve B
1992 Isuzu Rodeo: It was on it's last legs with 189,052 miles.
Submitted by Anonymous
1993 Jaguar XJ6 = 18 mpg trading in for a 2010 Toyota Prius = 50 mpg. A gain of 32 MPG. Love the car but too expensive to fix when it breaks. I was trying to trade it 3 years ago and the dealer wants to give me $800 for it. Car is almost mint with minor dings. My first choice was a black Camaro = 21 mpg, but the only one available is in Ohio, a 7 1/2 hour drive one way from NY. If I order one, dealer said that I might not make it 'till the end of the program. Prius is a more concientious choice. More than double my mileage.
Submitted by David Barton
2001 Dodge Durango 4.7L 294,000 miles. 14 mpg average. Used primarily for work. Drove it 1000 miles the week before I traded. I would hardly consider it a jalopy, as a matter of fact, it was the best vehicle I ever owned. Original drivetrain, over the years I might have spent $500.00 above what I would consider routine maintenance. Everything still worked and the appearance was still good. Most people couldn't believe I was sending it to the crusher, but in the real world it's value was about $2000.00. Traded for a 2009 Pontiac G5 rated at 37 mpg hwy. The G5 was loaded with options including a
Submitted by Susan Bergeron
If the Van is Rockin' Don't Come Knockin'
Submitted by Keith Campbell
1999 Ford Explorer clunked in for a 2009 Honda Fit. Doubled my mpg. Kind of sad to see my old friend go to the scrap heap but love my new car.
Submitted by Courtney Cole
We are the Nation's Oldest Transportation Business ... Hare Chevrolet in Noblesville, IN. We have taken in about 50 Clunkers, but this continues to be our FAVORITE!!
Submitted by Anonymous
This is a 1989 chevy silverado 5.7L engine that I really couldnt afford to drive except when absolutely necessary. It gets no more than 12 miles per gallon on a good day.. I have a 2009 chevy Colorado picked out, with a 2.9L engine that is est @18-24 mpg combined. I am waiting on the senate now
Submitted by Anonymous
My 1997 Cherokee, A great running, fun auto that got rotten gas mileage. I'll miss the old girl. Traded for a beautiful new Ford Escape XLT.
Submitted by Tim Dvorak
This 1993 Chevy S-10 pickup truck has 313,000 miles on it. I want to get another truck with a 4-cylinder engine.
Submitted by Anonymous
1996 Chrysler LHS in foreground traded for a 2009 Ford Focus (third car back)
Submitted by Mike French
!994 Suburban. This vehicle was used to transport my kids to hockey, softball and baseball games for over ten years. All of they're friends have been hauled around in this rig. We really loved this vehicle in its day but at 15mpg with 209,000 miles it deserves to go to that big car crusher in the sky. We'll miss old blue but my wife and I can now visit our now grown kids with our new corolla (35 mpg) and not worry as much about the gas bill.
Submitted by CDR George Fullerton
1998 Ford F-150 Lariat Truck ( Cash for Clunker) on left with the new 2009 Ford F-150 Lariat on the right. the "Cash for Clunker" truck looks good on the outside but showing her age mechanically as well as the interior ( every see the damage rendered in a car/truck by an exploding Coca Cola can?!). I was able to get $3500 cash off for the trade since MPG did not equate to the $4500 MPG requirement. The cash for clunkers deal ( along with Ford rebates spurred me to buy a new tuck 1 year earlier then planned.
Submitted by Carmelle Kuehn
This is a 1987 Dodge Lancer 2.2 ltr Turbo...combined MPG of 17. We live 20 miles out in the country in snowy ND, so we had to get an AWD vehicle: we found the Toyota RAV4 (24 mpg combined) was the only one in the reasonable price range that would qualify ;so we're in the pipeline to get that (once the paperwork and approval from the gov. goes through).
Submitted by Anonymous
clunker ford that got a epa 18mpg
Submitted by Roger Morgan
This is my baby a 1989 C20 three quarter to Chevy Van 389,000 miles and was still running good. Traded it for a new "Chevy Cobalt". I'll never be the same.
Submitted by Tim Nagy
This was it in 2005, with only 77k. Now has 146k, and is in need of much TLC. Well, it's headed to the scrap yard. I got 4 cents a pound for it, $160.48, plus my gov't rebate of $4500. Hello 2010 Prius, goodbye, 18 MPG
Submitted by Jorge Padron
My 01 explorer sport - was real good to me for 8 years. But 17 mpg aint gonna cut it anymore.
Submitted by Amy Quinn
This is my clunker, a 1997 Land Rover Discovery XD, 14 mpg combined. I loved this vehicle but it was time...the repair bills were trumping my emotional attachment to it. The cash for clunkers program was perfect timing with my decision to unload it, and this vehicle is a poster child for this program. I purchased a spanking new Suzuki SX4 AWD...much smaller, but equally flashy and much better on gas. Technology has improved immensely in the past 12 years!! :-)
Submitted by TJ Park
Rated 16mpg but we never saw more than 13 driving mostly in the city. It leaks oil badly, broken windshield, no working A/C, airbag light on, need new tire and brake and so on. Glad to see it taken off the road for good. Got 2010 Toyota Prius. Gas and repair cost savings will probably pay for the car payment and I feel safer with multiple airbags. I believe in this program not just because I benifited from it but it got me to spend money which I had no plan to spend. We need the consumer spending to pull us out of this resession. Plus $4500 will be paid back to the goverment in no time in form

Submitted by Don Simon
1990 Isuzu Trooper still in great shape. I was sorry to part with it but I did not need it any more and it got poor gas mileage. I had tried to sell it for over a year with no takers (at $1,000) so $4,500 looked good to me. I also traded a 92 Honda Accord with 214,000 miles. Also a good car that got 35 mpg. But it was old and I did not know how much longer it would go. I was planning on looking for a new used car next year but with this program I took it and bought a Honda Civic. Great car great deal.


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