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Fertilizer sucking life out of Shenandoah River

  Harmful nutrients, particularly nitrogen and phosphorus, continue to flow into the waters of the Shenandoah River. NBC's Rich Minner reports.

  Thanks to commerce, a dying island is reborn

  Dobbins Island mired in legal battle

Saving the Bay: About the series

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Horseshoe crabs in the classroom

  The Aqua Eagles of Westbrook Elementary in Maryland raise juvenile horseshoe crabs in their classroom and tell us why this species is so vital to the Chesapeake Bay environment. NBC's Kelly Paice reports

Nightly News

Paradise lost: Chesapeake Bay

  Dec. 15: A Native American tribe struggles with the ripple effects of chemicals in the Chesapeake Bay. NBC's Joshua Skurnik reports.  

  Setting 'traps' for car pollution


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