Aug. 14

The third time’s a charm.

At least it was for Edward Ewert of Claremont, Calif., who submitted the top-rated image in this week’s It’s A Snap! travel photo contest.

On his third visit to Costa Rica since 2001, the professional photographer was able to capture this stunning shot of lava flowing down Arenal Volcano.

By day, architectural photography is Ewert’s “bread-and-butter business,” while travel photos come secondary.

“If I could flip that around, I probably would,” he joked.

He may be a pro, but he cautions amateur photographers against getting mired in the technical details.

“Just keep doing it. Find what inspires you,” he said. “The important thing is just to shoot — spend time learning the technical stuff, but not a whole lot.”

Ewert and his wife visited Costa Rica at the end of June. They travel a couple of times a year, usually trying to mix a little work and a little play on each trip.

The couple has seen much of the world, including Europe, Africa and New Zealand. Ewert said the only continents they haven’t set foot on are Antarctica and Australia.

Next up for the Ewerts: Ecuador. Or Panama.

Ewert said he is more inspired to take photos when he’s out of the country. He’ll carry his equipment at all times when vacationing, but insists it doesn’t take state-of-the-art cameras to capture the best shots.

In fact, he showed friends and family a small portfolio of a few select images after his Costa Rica trip. Of the 18 photos, 60 or 70 percent were taken with his everyday Canon G10.

“Any camera can work as long as you know how to work within its limitations.”


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