Interactive: Hear police interrogation videos in Alan Brown's case

Listen to audiotapes with Cathy Pettiford, who told interrogators she saw her then-husband poison 11-year-old Christopher Alan Brown, and Rosalind Brown, the boy's stepmother.

Transcripts of the audiotapes: Cathy Pettiford interview with police:

Investigator: You see him on that day, on Friday the 12th, either Rosalind or Montel , did you see 'em give chris anything?

Cathy Pettiford: No.

Investigator: You indicated you've seen them give him stuff prior to this, correct?

Cathy Pettiford: That liquid. That liquid stuff, yes.

Investigator: Was that like how long before?

Cathy Pettiford: Sigh. Couple hours.

Investigator: So couple hours before? What did they put it in? What type of food? Or was it a drink?

Cathy Pettiford: I believe it was a drink.

Investigator: Was it a liquid they put it in?

Cathy Pettiford: Yes.

Investigator: But when he showed up there, he was already feeling bad correct?

Cathy Pettiford: Correct.

Investigator: But he was there for how long before they put some more liquid in the drink?

Cathy Pettiford: About 3 or 4 hours.

Investigator: So 3 or 4 hours later he was laying in bed and they had him drinking something else they put this poison...

Cathy Pettiford: Mmhmm.

Investigator: So this poison was what? You remember what the drink was?

Cathy Pettiford: Koolaid.

Investigator: Some Koolaid?

Cathy Pettiford: Mmhmm.

Investigator: And then after where he couldn't even walk, and they took him and put him the van, correct?

Cathy Pettiford: Correct.

Investigator: But then a couple hours later, they decided to give him some more of this liquid correct?

Cathy Pettiford: Yes.

Investigator: Did you see who put the liquid in his drink?

Cathy Pettiford: No, but Montel was in the kitchen.

Investigator: So how do you know there was any liquid in his drink?

Long pause.

Investigator: You saw Montel put the liquid in his drink or not? This is important, Cathy, that you tell us the truth is all we're after.

Long pause.

Investigator: Did you witness this or what?

Cathy Pettiford: Sigh. I seen him put it in there.

Investigator: Alright, what did he put it in do you remember?

Cathy Pettiford: Koolaid.

Investigator: OK, you said he had some Koolaid. Do you remember what kind of Koolaid, was it grape? Orange?

Cathy Pettiford: it was grape.

Investigator: So when you see him do it, how many drops? Describe to me what you actually seen, it would be really helpful.

Cathy Pettiford: He just opened the bottle and poured it in there.

Investigator: So he opened this small bottle that you described before, like an eardropper bottle?

Cathy Pettiford: Yeah.

Investigator: And you say pour it? Did he use the dropper and put so many drops, or actually poured it in?

Cathy Pettiford: He just poured it in.

Investigator: Did he say anything when he was doing this?

Cathy Pettiford: No.

Investigator: And was Rosalind standing there witnessing this also?

Cathy Pettiford: No, she was in the bedroom.

Investigator: So when he did this he went in and he had, did you see Chris drink this?

Cathy Pettiford: Yeah, Chris drank it.

Investigator: But was Rosalind there when he drank it?

Cathy Pettiford: Yeah.

Investigator: Was she helping him drink it?

Cathy Pettiford: No, she was just telling him 'drink this to make you feel better.'

Investigator: And so he drank it all?

Cathy Pettiford: Yeah.

Investigator: Did you ever see him or put anything in the food?

Cathy Pettiford: In the eggs maybe. Cause any other time he would scramble up his separate eggs.

Investigator: He'd make his separate you're saying?

Cathy Pettiford: Yeah.

Investigator: Prior to this day, did you see Chris get sick before?

Cathy Pettiford: (long pause.) Maybe once or twice.

Investigator: So you'd Chris get sick before, but got better after a while, right?

Cathy Pettiford: Yeah.

Investigator: You never hear anyone make a comment, this ain't working fast enough? Or it's gonna take so much time or what?

Cathy Pettiford: No.

Investigator: Were they like the first time they'd use it thinking it would poison him and work? Or second time? I mean were they expecting this to kill him or disable him. Or do you really know what they planned on?

Cathy Pettiford: I don't know what they were planning on.

Investigator: But him and Rosalind talked about it correct?

Cathy Pettiford: Yeah, but I don't hear the conversation about that either. They always went outside.

Investigator: So when they were there, Chris was there, they've been giviing him separate eggs. Did you see him put this liquid in the eggs?

Cathy Pettiford: Yes.

Investigator: So you seen Montel put this liquid in Chris's eggs and it made him sick? And nothing happened. Was he shocked? Surprised? Or the next time did he try more of the liquid? I'm just trying to figure out were they trying to keep putting more liquid in his food till it actually would either kill him or make him so he couldn't walk. What were they doing, do you think?

Cathy Pettiford: I think they were trying to put more liquid in to his system to get him sick.

Investigator: OK, so finally on this day on April the 12th, you said he poured enough in it so that he couldn't get up and walk?

Cathy Pettiford: Yeah.

Investigator: And that's when they had to carry him to the car?

Cathy Pettiford: Yeah.

Investigator: So they've been trying to do this for a period of time until it took effect, correct?

Cathy Pettiford: Correct.

Rosalind Brown's interrogation with detectives:

Detectives: You want to tell me. You've come so close to telling me the truth but why, I don't know if you're just afraid or what. Oh, you're shaking your head, yes. What are you afraid of? If you did not throw him in the river--

Rosalind Brown: I did not throw him in the river.

Detectives: Then you don't have to be afraid of that, am I right?

Rosalind Brown: No, I'm afraid of my husband for one.

Detectives: OK, what are you afraid of? You tell me. I don't want you to be afraid.

Rosalind Brown: I don't wanna be fighting with him over this.

Detectives: OK, so what do you want me to tell your husband then?

Rosalind Brown: I don't know.

Detectives: Nothing. I won't tell him nothing. You're an adult. I don't have to tell him nothing.

Rosalind Brown: I'll tell you, I was not there, but my brother told me he did it.

Detectives: What did he tell you he did?

Rosalind Brown: Threw him in the river.

Detectives: Did he, did he tell you where?

Rosalind Brown: Nope.

Detectives: He didn't say, like, off, uh,...

Rosalind Brown: He didn't tell me, he didn't tell me anything he just said, he told me that he did it and he threw him in the river and i asked him why and he said cause he didn't like Chris. Which Chris already knew.

Detectives: You mean he didn't like Chris, your husband, or Alan?

Rosalind Brown: My husband.

Detectives: He didn't like Chris?

Rosalind Brown: They didn't get along. Which you should known from Chris's notes, they didn't get along and Chris thought it anyways and me knowing and I told him I didn't know nothing and I didn't want to bring it up cause everybody gonna think I did it anyway and I don't want nothing to do with it anyway.

Detectives: Did he tell, did he tell you, do you know how he got uh, Alan to the river?

Rosalind Brown: No. He never did, he just told me. He did it and i asked him why and he said because he didn't get along with Chris and he knew Chris didn't like him.

Detectives: But did he, did he tell you, did he say anything about putting in his food and drugging him?

Rosalind Brown: No, he didn't tell me any of that.

Detectives: Well, did he tell you how he threw him in the river?

Rosalind Brown: No, he just told me he threw him in the river. That's it period.


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