Submitted by Anonymous
On the couch playing COD4 with my team KrA with my TRITTONs on. Im not overweight or depressed.
Submitted by Niero Gonzalez
This is a group of readers, snapped outside of the Penny Arcade Expo last year, an annual video game convention where all of us from around the world usually gather. I'm the guy in the robot suit! My name is Niero Gonzalez. I run the company -- I'm a 31 year old ex-cross country runner, probably more muscular than the average gamer. Maybe I'm an extreme example but look at that photo, does anyone look fat and depressed to you? Gamers are (amongs each other anyway) extremely social.
Submitted by Juan Lopez
Game HARD !
Submitted by Eric DeMuth
Picture of the Moustache Babes playing Guitar Hero... the ages range from 30-36 and 3 of the 4 people play softball every Friday. None of us are out of shape!
Submitted by Anonymous
Multi-talented father!!!
Submitted by Anonymous
I'm 82 and I love to play video games on my computer but I need more balance. I enjoy using the FootPOWR as my mouse because I move my feet to move the cursor. I love Bejeweled and Peggle. The music, colors and patterns are really nice - but I love moving to my favorite video games the most. I am NOT your average gamer
Submitted by Anonymous
Babysitting at it's finest. The baby watches me, I watch the game. Sharing pointers at an early age.
Submitted by Anonymous
We game and we're not depressed!
Submitted by Todd Cahill
Our family loves playing video games together! Rock Band let's us play together as a group. Lead Singer: Sophia Drums: Kaitlyn Bass: Shannon Guitar: Todd And yes, that's our puppy (Perla) with her heading peeking into the picture on the bottom. She's enjoys listening to us rock out and is our #1 fan!
Submitted by Anonymous
You should always make sure to wear your helmet when playing online games.
Submitted by Eric Rodriguez
I own all three! I own the world!- even though I love playing video games, I also stay fit. It is important to integrate exercise in your daily routine. Cardio one day, lifting the other, Rockband all night! If you have time to play, you have time to exercise.
Submitted by Anonymous
"Call of Duty" Living it and Playing it. (Airavin - xbox 360)
Submitted by John Marshall
Our friend Rams (Ramsey) plays Guitar Hero Aerosmith. We are an 'average' gamer group and we are not overweight and depressed. We are however under-rocked and are working on it.
Submitted by Doug T
I love my baby
Submitted by Matt Plouse
My buddy and I doing what we do best.
Submitted by Todd Friedman
Me and Walter Day (creator and head referee at Twin Galaxies Video Game Organization)
Submitted by Anonymous
To prove he is NOT overweight or the "typical" gamer!!!
Submitted by Elisa Rodriguez
I'm 30, not depressed, and fairly athletic. I am also a gamer.
Submitted by Anonymous
Call it therapy, but these are just a few of my favorites that we and our married friends enjoy. Average gamers, I think not!
Submitted by Anonymous
Our family enjoys playing video games a lot, but we are also 3rd Degree Black Belts and instructors in Taekwondo. My husband likes to hike, I like to lift weights, and our son makes A's and B's in school and loves to play outside.
Submitted by Galen McComb II
Gut Check Summer 2009 - Primed to play UFC Undisputed or some Call of Duty!
Submitted by Anonymous
Not all games are played on the ground. True gamers play anywhere they can! I'm flying here in a Beech Jet 400a private aircraft owned by Segrave Aviation, and took my PSP with me. I also own a PS3 and play computer based games. In a pinch when I dont have any gaming systems, I'll pull out the Blackberry and play Texas Hold-em. thanks goodness for mobile gaming!
Submitted by Anonymous
When on vacation I'm limited to portable games on the DS, but overall partial to RPGs and good old fashioned point-and-click adventures with the occasional RTS thrown in for good measure.
Submitted by Dan Austin
Me and one of my very close friends :) Just thought you should know I work out 5 times a week, work on average of 40 hours a week, also while in school and volunteering for Big Brothers Big Sisters. I am 6' tall, and weigh 160lbs and can run 2 miles without breaking a sweat. I also play video games anywhere from 5-20 hours a week depending on work load, etc. Its my escape from reality, it is fun, it connects me with others like myself, and gives me a sense of accomplishment. I am happily married, and definitely NOT an introvert. Just thought you might like to know!
Submitted by Randall Parker
Even gamers can playing Beer pong and owning =)


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