updated 9/8/2009 5:20:29 PM ET 2009-09-08T21:20:29

  • Rosemary and the Motorcycle Man : When a respected woman disappears, friends eye her husband and his lover
  • Back to Woodstock : The "Woodstock generation" remembers the music festival, 40 years later
  • No Safe Place : Who killed the parents who opened their home to special needs children?
  • Down By The River : Why did it take more than two decades to solve the murder of a little boy?
  • Mystery at Chalk Creek : A mother's "accidental" death leaves behind clues that point to murder
  • In the Bedroom : Man's murder pits wife against mistress, but there are unexpected twists
  • A Dose of Controversy : An unprecedented look at the emotional debate surrounding vaccines and the suggested link to autism
  • Flying High in Cocktail Cove : Investigators say financier Marcus Schrenker tried to fake his own death
  • Disappearance Before Dawn : What happened to a honeymooner who went missing on a cruise in 2005?
  • The Mysterious Death of a Titan : Insiders reveal what may have led NFL star Steve McNair to a life of danger
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