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What do I do with these?

These ringtones are short mp3 audio files that can be saved to your cell phone and assigned to play when you receive calls or other incoming messages. On their own they're best played by downloading them to your machine first (right click, save). How to get them on your phone depends on the type of phone you have. You can sync the file from your machine to your phone. You can move the file to your phone's memory card first and import it from there. Or you can download the file directly to your phone through the link provided.

More for the phone
Receive Maddow text messages

Text the word RACHEL from your phone to 622639 to receive daily alerts about the show on your phone. Click here for details.

Maddow clips on your phone

If you have a video capable smart phone, navigate your browser to to download individual show clips you can watch on your phone.

Are you listening?!?

OK, this is Lady GaGa, not Rachel Maddow.

You lie!!

Rachel's rendition of Joe Wilson's obnoxious blurt has a strangely heavy metal vocal quality, don't you think?

I'm gay...

Originally part of a list of reasons why Rachel is Sarah Palin's worst nightmare, out of context it's not a bad way to be out and proud.

I know you are but what am I?

What do you say when the folks who are employing the racist hate crimes guy try to cast you as a racist?

Thank you Satan

In fluent pseudo backward devil-speak Rachel echoes the sentiments of our possessed president.

The time machine!

Rachel employs the cheap time machine to revisit history -in this case Libertarian tea parties before teabaggers- with viewers.


Rachel Maddow and Kent Jones feel the passion of the Eurovision song contest.

And Iowa!!

Meant to mock an exasperated Mitt Romney it's hard to miss the note of surprised cheer


A handy ringtone if your phone allows you to assign rings to specific callers.

Oh no he di'in't!

Originally described a CNN reporter who got a little out of line with President Obama at a news conference.

Teeny tiny

Nothing on The Rachel Maddow Show is ever just "small."

Bobby Jindal breaks teh Maddow!

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal's response to Barack Obama's first address to Congress famously defies analysis even by the likes of Rachel Maddow.

The Scrub. Rinse. Repeat. theme

It's the theme gurgle and clean ping that marks Rachel Maddow's new series about cleaning up the mess left behind by the Bush administration.


Rachel suffers vicarious shock through Super Bowl viewers in Tuscon who were surprised by the interruption of the broadcast with a brief porn clip.


Rachel reacts to Hillary Clinton thanking her husband in a speech after being sworn in as Secretary of State.

Illegal schmillegal

Special thanks to the Maddow fan who preserved this one online.


Rachel's response to poor sportsmanship, poor politics and bad ideas

Join me...

(Rachel asks viewers to join her in defending the New Year holiday from gratuitous non-New Year ball dropping.)

Infrastructure porn

(With waka-chika soundtrack)