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    >> a day after the reform was introduced. chuck todd in chicago . does the white house have the votes to get bill passed?

    >> that's what this is about. in many kays the it's really politics of the pass when it comes to health care debate. the president is doing one-on-one lobbying. yesterday senator rockefeller is critical of the program introduced. he was called into the white house for a meeting to take his temperature and, frankly, for the president to say, hey, you're not going to get everything you want but i need your support here. now we're learning that the white house reached out to the massachusetts state legislature . they need them to change the law so the goff another can apoint a replacement for the late senator ted kennedy . that's how important every single vote is. that's why it's a one-on-one lobbying effort by the president.

    >> chuck todd at the white house . thank you, chuck. also

NBC's Chief White House Correspondent Chuck Todd participated in a live chat about politics and health care reform on Thursday, Sept. 17. You can read the discussion here.

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