Sunset, Monte Cristi, Dominican Republic
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Sept. 25

The correct answer is: 1821

The Dominican Republic has had a troubled history. It gained independence from Spain in 1821, but independence did not bring internal peace or economic prosperity.

Between 1844 and 1930, it was beset by numerous revolutions, economic instability, and corruption in government. From 1930 to 1961, it came under the dictatorial control of Rafael Trujillo. Although Trujillo brought economic stability, he allowed no political freedom. From the late 1960s on, elected presidents have held office, but they have not been able to solve the Dominican Republic’s economic problems.

Monte Cristi, is located on the northwestern tip of the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic, in the West Indies, occupies the eastern two-thirds of the island of Hispaniola. The country of Haiti occupies the western third of the island.

Hispaniola is one of the islands where explorer Christopher Columbus landed on his first voyage across the Atlantic in 1492. The city of Santo Domingo was founded in 1496 by Columbus’s brother and is the oldest surviving European settlement in the Americas. Today, Santo Domingo is the capital of the Dominican Republic, as well as its largest city.

*Source: MSN Encarta

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