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    >>> minutes ago, three teens charged in the beating death of a 16-year-old chicago boy caught on camera. the beating and ensues brawl took place outside a high school last thursday. captured on a cell phone . police say 16-year-old darrion albert was beaten to death as he walked hem to chicago . let's go to chicago now. a staff reporter from the " chicago sun -times." we're hearing about the students who have been detained about this point. do police think they have the people who killed derrion albert in custody?

    >> reporter: they do. all three of them have been charged with first-degree murder for this. i guess we'll see if they're more --

    >> go ahead.

    >> there might be more arrests that come. there were a lot of witnesses that got the whole thing on tape.

    >> okay. when we're talking about how this all came about, here's derrion albert , 16 years old, honor student , college bound. his family maintains he was targeted because he had refused to join a gang. are you learning anything about that?

    >> you know, i spoke to his grandfather. that wasn't his grandfather's impression of what had happened. he thought he was simply a kid that was in the wrong place at the wrong time. derrion, from everyone i talked to, i spoke to a number of family members and friends, he was a pretty quiet kid. i think he, i guess, wasn't really -- he just was -- kept a low profile .

    >> what's really shocking, and i watched this video from start to finish, is that you see several people with these long, i don't know, 2 x 8s. it looks like big, long boards that they've grabbed off buildings, just swinging them wildly. this is a brawl that involved not just derrion albert but other people as well. has this particular neighborhood been experiencing gang problems?

    >> they have been, but it's been -- the violence has been more associated with guns. i was there -- this fight happened at 3:00 on thursday and i was there friday morning pretty early and the police were still picking up some of these 2 x 4s that people have thrown in the streets as part of the ruckus.

    >> the cell phone video, again, astonishing. it is violent and vivid and it's got to be incredibly difficult for derrion albert 's family to watch that. kara, thank you.

    >>> a developing stoir we're watching news services
updated 9/28/2009 7:16:03 PM ET 2009-09-28T23:16:03

Three teenagers were charged Monday in the beating death of a 16-year-old Chicago honor roll student on his way home from school, a melee captured on a cell phone video that shows a group striking him with boards and kicking him as he lay on a sidewalk.

The death of Derrion Albert, a sophomore at Christian Fenger Academy High School, on Thursday has reignited community outrage over chronic violence involving city students and is putting pressure on school and police officials to address gang problems that often are at the root of such violence.

The Chicago public school system is the nation's third-largest and has about 407,000 students in 666 schools. More than 30 students were killed in 2008, according to district figures, and this year's toll could be higher.

Some community members said the solution lies with parents, not the schools.

"It is our problem. We have to take control of our children," said Dawn Allen, who attended a vigil at the school Monday, where a group of residents tried to force their way into the school before being turned back by police.

Student was walking to bus stop
Albert was attacked around 3 p.m. Thursday in front of Agape Community Center in the south Chicago neighborhood of Roseland, where he was walking to a bus stop, authorities said.

Prosecutors charged Silvonus Shannon, 19, Eugene Riley, 18, and Eric Carson, 16, with first-degree murder, and they were ordered held without bond on Monday, said Andy Conklin, a spokesman for the Cook County prosecutor's office. The suspects are scheduled for preliminary hearings Oct. 19.

Image: Silvonus Shannon
Chicago Police  /  AP
Silvonus Shannon, is being held without bail on charges of first-degree murder in the beating death of 16-year-old Chicago student Derrion Albert.
The violence stemmed from a shooting early Thursday morning involving two groups of students, said Tandra Simonton, a spokeswoman for the Cook County prosecutor's office. When school ended, members of the two groups began fighting.

The attack, captured in part on a bystander's cell phone video, shows Albert being struck on the head by one of several young men wielding wooden planks. After he falls to the ground an appears to try to get up, he is struck again and then kicked.

Simonton said Albert was a bystander and not part of either group. She said Albert was knocked unconscious when Carson struck him in the head with a board and the second person punched him in the face. Albert regained consciousness and was trying to get up when he was attacked a second time by five people and was struck in the head with a board by Riley and stomped in the head by Shannon, Simonton said.

‘Just a nice young man’
The Rev. Victor Grandberry told NBC Chicago that Albert "was just a nice young man that grew up in the community. Folks just bullied on him, they tried to rob him, they tried to do everything they can."

A camera attached to the Agape Community Center also captured at least part of the attack, the center's executive director, Milton Massie, told NBC Chicago.

"It was mob action, basically a bunch of kids, some coming from the east and others from the west on the street, fighting," he said.

Image: Eugene Riley
Chicago Police  /  AP
Eugene Riley is charged in the beating death of 16-year-old Chicago student Derrion Albert.
Desiyan Bacon, Riley's aunt, attended Monday's vigil at the school and said her nephew didn't have anything to do with the beating and was a friend of the victim.

"They need to stop the crime, but when they do it, they need to get the right person," Bacon said.

Earlier, Chicago police bolstered security around Fenger High School. Police patrolled the area in squad cars and staged a visible presence at the entrance, the Chicago Tribune reported.

"We want to provide reassurance to the public that there's a police presence and they can feel safe in the neighborhood and kids can feel safe at school," Morgan Park District Cmdr. Michael Kuemmeth told the Tribune.

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