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    >>> matt, thank you. the u.s. delegation attending tomorrow's high-stakes showdown with iran over that country's nuclear ambitions arrived in geneva overnight. nbc's chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell traveled with them. andrea, good morning to you.

    >> reporter: good morning, meredith . when the u.n. delegation meets with the iranians tomorrow, they want to see concrete steps. they want to see access for u.n. inspectors to the people, to the documents, to the site itself. iran has said that it is willing to let u.n. inspectors in, but they haven't said when and they haven't said how much they'll let those u.n. inspectors see. so, a senior official said to me here today in geneva , this is the real test of whether diplomatic engagement will work. the betting is that iran will do just enough to appear conciliatory and try to divide the european coalition , particularly dividing the u.s. from russia , but not enough to really satisfy the u.s. that it's no longer cheating. iran may, in fact, even offer to commit access or release of those three american hikers, but u.s. officials here in geneva say they want to talk about one thing -- the nuclear program . meredith ?

    >> and if iran were to stonewall, andrea, what leverage does the united states really have?

    >> reporter: well, it's a very tough situation because if iran stonewalls, probably, then, russia would stay on board and china would follow russia 's lead, but if they take that middle course, that really could divide the coalition. then the u.s. and europe could tighten existing unilateral sanctions, not working through the u.n., assuming that russia would veto anything, and they could try to impose some other additional sanctions, but sanctions without the u.n. behind it are not as effective, and robert gates , the military has said there really is no military option. meredith ?

    >> all right, andrea mitchell , thank you very much.

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