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Bouncing Zoo Babies of 2010

In zoos all over the world this year, little bundles of joy were brought into the world, causing zoo-goers to coo. From the furry to the scaly to the underwater dwellers, OurAmazingPlanet takes a look at a few of the cuties that joined the animal kingdom in 2010. Full story

Panda couple to remain in DC amid China talks

Washington's pandas will stay at the National Zoo at least a little while longer. Full story

National Zoo shows off lion cubs

   Born in two litters, the seven lion cubs are the National Zoo’s first in more than 20 years. NBC’s Norah O’Donnell reports.

Heat waves

   The East Coast broils under an unforgiving sun as the temperature soars above 100 degrees in several cities.

Tiger cub, puppy become BFFs

   Animal experts at a Washington zoo brought in Sage, a Pyrenees puppy, to be a playmate for Amura, a tiger cub.'s Dara Brown reports.

Red panda cub born at the National Zoo

Smithsonian National Zoological Park is celebrating yesterday's birth of a red panda cub, the first born at the Washington, D.C. zoo in 15 years. Full story

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Rare oryx, extinct in wild, born at National Zoo

Hopes dashed: Zoo's panda isn't pregnant

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Newly born pigmy hippopotamus calf in Colomdo
Newly born pigmy hippopotamus calf in Colomdo

epa02693832 A pigmy hippopotamus stands over her newly born calf at the National Zoological Gardens at Dehiwala outside Colombo, Sri Lanka, 18 April 2011. A rare species in the wilds, pygmy hippopotamuses are members of the Hippopotamidae family with are native to Africa. EPA/M.A.PUSHPA KUMARA

A one-week-old jaguar cub plays with her mother Rosa Salvaje at the National Zoo in Managua, Nicaragua, Thursday, April 7, 2011.

Zookeepers force-feed a 35-year-old crocodile at the National Zoo, about 20 km south of Managua, on April 7,2011. The Nicaraguan National Zoo on April 7 tried force-feeding a crocodile who had lost his appetite for several days because of stress and ill-treatment before he came to the zoo at his for