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  Happy Birthday Natalie!

Fanning trades pompoms for fangs

  Actress Dakota Fanning will star in third installment of the “Twilight” saga, “Eclipse." She chats with Ann Curry about playing a vampire and discusses having a “normal” high school experience - which includes being on the cheerleading squad.

Al’s fit club: Roker on 115-pound loss

Eight years ago the TODAY anchor weighed 320 pounds; on Monday, he tipped the scales at 204. But though Roker underwent gastric bypass surgery, he says keeping the weight off takes constant vigilance: “No matter how much you lose, there’s still that fat guy lurking.” Full story

A history of Obama's spill response

  As Obama makes his third visit to the Gulf, NBC's Ann Curry asks White House advisor Carol Browner tough questions about the administration's record.

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Is ex-JonBenet suspect starting a child sex cult?

Ann Curry apologizes for mixing up her Wheatons

Dalai Lama: ‘21st century will be much happier’

Meet the ex-housewife who stalks psycho killers

allDAY: TODAY anchors share favorite YouTube clips

Author: Spitzer could have been president

Sister of producer’s slain wife: I warned her

Baby talk: TODAY anchors on parenthood

Hit by car, thrown 15 feet into bus, he survives

Tori Spelling: Dean and I are not divorcing


  Bandits net millions in fiery, French heist

Explosives blew the doors off an armored car on a busy highway in Marseille in broad daylight, allowing crooks to loot the cash inside. TODAY’s Ann Curry has more details

  Up and away! Balloon man crosses Channel

American daredevil Jonathan Trappe lifted off from became the first person to float across the water, from England to France, using only a cluster of helium balloons. NBC’s Ann Curry has more details.

  Stroller, baby slip off train platform

TODAY’s Ann Curry takes a look at dramatic video showing a child in a stroller rolling over the edge of a train platform as a train approached in Melbourne, Australia.

  Matt Damon honored

Matt Damon, Jenna Bush, Meredith Vieira and Ann Curry step out to support Save the Children's 3rd Annual Celebration of Hope.

  Dalai Lama: Humanity is getting better

His holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama, has dedicated his life to delivering a message of compassion, peace, and happiness. He sits down with TODAY’s Ann Curry to share spiritual words of wisdom.

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  Faces of Haiti’s devastation

TODAY’s Ann Curry captures images of the country’s people as they struggle to get medical care after the earthquake.

  Inside Iran

NBC’s Ann Curry shares photographs from NBC’s reporting inside this secretive and surprising nation.