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'Dueling Dinos' found in Montana to be sold in NYC

Two fossilized dinosaur skeletons found on a Montana ranch in 2006 are coming up for sale in New York City. Full story

First Read Minute: Let’s Make a Deal

   President Obama visited Capitol Hill today to discuss his agenda with Democratic lawmakers ahead of Congress’ August recess, NBC’s Mark Murray and Domenico Montanaro report. Also in today’s minute, the latest in the NYC mayoral race as polls show Anthony Weiner has slipped to fourth place.

Smoke in Cockpit Forces Airplane's Return

A plane that had just taken off from New Jersey's Newark Liberty International Airport has been forced to return there after the flight crew smelled smoke in the cockpit. Republic Airlines Flight 4872 had 22 passengers and four crew members aboard when it took off just before noon Wednesday. The Full story

Thompson: NYC's stop-and-frisk has been misused and abused

   Former NYC comptroller and current mayoral candidate Bill Thompson joins Morning Joe to discuss the city's controversial stop-and-frisk policing policy of questioning individuals who may either have committed, is committing or could commit a crime.

Fast food workers strike for higher pay

Fast food workers in seven U.S. cities walked off the job Monday demanding an increase in wages to $15 an hour. Full story

Off-color remarks latest hiccup in Weiner's NYC mayoral campaign

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A spokeswoman for scandal-ridden New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner said on Wednesday she would remain in her job despite a political news website's publication of profane comments she made about a former campaign intern. Full story

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Not a car or bicycle, but a blend — an ELF vehicle

Black Men Wore White Masks for Robbery: Prosecutors

Presumed guilty: Why is there no punishment for racial profiling?

Gawker editor: ‘White-on-white crime scourge’

Quinn: Spitzer is not in a position to be ‘pointing fingers at anybody’

Court-ordered mental health treatment may save money

Report: NYC High School Dean Had Sex With 4 Pupils

57 pounds of pot seized after Hunterdon County SUV crash

Appeals court strikes down NYC's big-soda ban

Court Upholds Ruling Striking Down NYC's Ban on Large Sugary Drinks


  Sen. Paul battles Gov. Christie; Weiner battles reality

MSNBC host Krystal Ball (“The Cycle”) and The Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart discuss who’s more full of “hogwash” in their war of words – Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, or Gov. Chris Christie, R-New Jersey – and whether Anthony Weiner gets it that New York City just isn’t into him.

  NYC appeals court strikes down soda ban

An appeals court ruled on Tuesday that the New York City Board of Health acted unconstitutionally in trying to limit the size of soft drinks. NYC Mayor Bloomberg vows to continue fighting for the ban. The Morning Joe panel discusses.

  Natalie: We need to crack down on texting and driving

With reports indicating that the driver in the horrific train crash in Spain was on the phone when the train derailed, the TODAY anchors discuss how we can prevent people from using cellphones while driving. They also chat about other topics making headlines.

  Brzezinski: We need to hear why Huma forgave her husband

Must-Read Op-Eds: Mika Brzezinski reads from Maureen Dowd's latest column on NYC mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner, and the Morning Joe panel discusses.

  Weiner official ‘sorry’ for rant against former intern

While fellow democrats are urging Anthony Weiner to step down from the New York City mayoral race, Weiner’s communications director Barbara Morgan is apologizing for a profanity-filled tirade against a former intern who spoke to the New York Daily News about the campaign. NBC’s Stephanie Gosk report

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