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  Move nightmare: Woman in Calif., belongings not

Funny photo: Tiny tot’s tongue ‘stuck’ on window

  TODAY’s Sara Haines digs up a bunch of crazy photos you sent us, such as a baby licking a window, a dog who kicked his owner off the couch, and an unusual sign promoting gas.

Amnesty International weighs in on California prisons hunger strike

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Amnesty International weighed in on a 22-day-old hunger strike in California prisons on Tuesday, calling solitary confinement conditions faced by protesting inmates an "affront to human rights" and urging an impartial probe into the death of a prisoner. Full story

California city becomes first to adopt eminent domain plan

RICHMOND, Calif./LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - The city of Richmond, California, said on Tuesday it will use its power of eminent domain, if necessary, to seize "underwater" mortgage loans to keep its residents in their homes, becoming the first U.S. municipality to adopt such an approach. Full story

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Calif. noodle firm pays $195,000 in labor case

JPMorgan to pay $410 million in power market manipulation probe

Servant was well-treated, say lawyers for Saudi princess in U.S. trafficking case

California prisons, hunger-strike backers clash over inmate death

California cop who pepper-sprayed students claims psychiatric damage

Calif. man gets prison in Nev. mortgage fraud case

PFT: Tony Romo to have throws limited during camp

Brown loses $2 million for skipping offseason work

US prison population down for 3rd straight year

Calif. to see wave of spending to sell 'Obamacare'


  When will moderate whites condemn dangerous White Culture?

A very special "All In" investigation looks at the dangerous elements in White Culture, as seen on display during the Huntington Beach surfing riots this week. Chris Hayes talks to Cord Jefferson of Gawker to find out what can be done about this menace to society.

  JPM to pay $450 million

JPMorgan has agreed to pay $410 million to settle allegations of power market manipulation in California and the Midwest, reports CNBC's Kate Kelly.

  Ex-tiquette: Reconnecting with old flames online

Maureen O’Connor from New York magazine and psychologist Jeff Gardere discuss how it’s harder to break up with an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend if you’re connected with them on social media. They explain when it’s OK to communicate and when it’s best to resist the temptation.

  Dunkin' Donuts goes to Cali

Nigel Travis, CEO, Dunkin Brands, announces that the company will be opening four stores in California over the next year. Dunkin' currently has no stores in the Golden State.

  Where you live can impact income mobility

A nationwide study found one’s ability to earn more over time is much lower in some parts of the country than others. It’s a slow climb to attain the American Dream in cities like Atlanta, Charlotte and Columbus, but in other areas such as New York, Boston and large parts of California, moving up is

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