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  Not Skilling's Fault: Fastow

Former Enron CEO Skilling's sentence cut to 14 years

HOUSTON (Reuters) - Former Enron Corp Chief Executive Jeffrey Skilling's near decade-long quest to prove he did nothing wrong at the once high-flying energy-trading behemoth ended on Friday when a federal judge shaved 10 years off of his prison sentence. Full story

Get Out of Jail Card for Skilling?

  Enron whistleblower Sherron Watkins, provides her perspective on the possibility that former Enron CEO could receive a reduced sentence for his role in one of the most notorious corporate crimes in U.S. history.

House panel OKs bill to prohibit mandatory auditor rotation

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - In a rare show of bipartisanship, the U.S. House Financial Services Committee unanimously approved a bill on Wednesday that would prohibit mandatory rotation of auditors among companies to avoid fraud and financial misconduct. Full story

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Skilling restitution to go to Enron victims' fund

Former Enron CEO Skilling in deal to cut prison term

Encana apologizes for executive's cursing on conference call

Exclusive: S&P hires top defense attorney for $5 billion lawsuit

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  Possible Deal in the Works For Enron's Skilling

In an exclusive report, CNBC's Scott Cohn has learned the former CEO of Enron may be getting out of prison much earlier than expected.

  Enron Whistleblower Speaks to CNBC

CNBC's Scott Cohn reports the former Enron CEO may be working on an agreement to leave prison earlier than expected. And Sherron Watkins, former Enron whistleblower, reacts to the news Skilling may strike a deal.

  Enron's Skilling Could Get Early Release

The former CEO of Enron, who is serving a 24-year prison term for his role in the energy giant's epic collapse, could be near an agreement to reduce his sentence, reports CNBC's Scott Cohn.

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Former Enron executive Jeffrey Skilling, left, and his attorney Daniel Petrocelli leave the federal courthouse for lunch in week ten of his fraud and conspiracy trial Wednesday, April 5, 2006 in Houston.

Former Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling
Former Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling

In this file photo, Former Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling returns to the Bob Casey Federal Court House after a lunch break in the Enron trial April 10, 2006 in Houston, Texas.

Ways and Means
Ways and Means

1waysmeans022602 -- Reps. Kevin K. Brady (R-TX), Paul D. Ryan (R-WI), and Earl Pomeroy (D-ND) talk at a Ways and Means Committee Hearing on Retirement Security and Defined Contribution Plans hearing on Tuesday in the Longworth House Office Building, after someone made a joke about the Enron scandal,