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Mock Astronauts to 'Walk' on Fake Mars After 'Landing'

An international crew of volunteer astronauts will take their first mock "Mars-walk" today (Feb. 14), kicking their unprecedented 500-day simulation of a mission to the Red Planet into a whole new gear. Full story

Buy up Mars? How does $160 billion sound...

NASA scientists and their colleagues are now proposing corporate financing for a human mission to Mars. This raises the prospect that a spaceship named the Microsoft Explorer or the Google Search Engine could one day go down in history as the first spaceship to bring humans to the Red Planet. Full story

Space news can be sad

   Rachel Maddow reports on three stories which might seem a little sad if the robots and planets involved are anthropomorphized.

Scientists wowed by data from Mars orbiter

Scientists are impressed with the flood of data beamed back by NASA's most advanced Mars orbiter. Full story

High-resolution hits from Mars

   Click through amazing Red Planet images selected by the team behind the high-resolution camera on NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

NASA to try to free stuck Mars rover Spirit

NASA  on Thursday outlined a rescue plan to try to free the rover Spirit, which has been bogged in a sand trap on the red planet for half a year. The risky operation is expected to last several months. Full story

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Scientists explain Martian soil surprises

Mars rover may be stuck, but still doing science

Mars orbiter back at work after glitch

Mars rover has unexplained computer reboots

Mars methane: Geology or biology?

Phoenix Mars Lander resurrected

We may all come from Mars


  Water discovery drives search for life

Aug. 1: Dr. Jim Zimbelman from the National Air and Space Museum explains that the discovery of water on Mars may be the first step toward the discovery of life on the red planet.

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Diego Urbina
Diego Urbina

Mars500 crew member Diego Urbina takes a walk on a make-believe stretch of the Red Planet.

Rover simulation
Rover simulation

A worker at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory digs simulated Martian soil in an effort to replicate the Spirit rover's situation on the Red Planet.

Mars Exploration Rover
Mars Exploration Rover

NASA's Mars Exploration Rovers began operations on the Red Planet's surface in 2004.

Rovers compared
Rovers compared

The Mars Science Laboratory, due for launch in 2011, is much larger than the Mars rovers that landed on the Red Planet in 2004 — as shown in this side-by-side artist's conception.