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Syrian regime resorts to intimidation, threats

Facing international condemnation for its bloody crackdown on protesters, the Syrian regime is expanding an intimidation campaign to keep people off the streets, according to human rights activists.Full story

Special report: As pirate attacks grow, shipowners take arms

Upstairs in a public house on the English south coast, 18 men are preparing to take on the pirates of the Indian Ocean. Full story

Attempted robbery ends in fatal shootout

  An armed robber was fatally shot by a security guard after he and two accomplices stormed into an internet cafe in Florida.'s Brooke Sopelsa reports.

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1 arrest as BP bars door to Gulf Coast protesters

OSHA cites NY rehab center where worker was slain

Police ID suspect killed in Apple Store shootout

Burglary suspect killed in Calif. at Apple store

Egyptians seize documents that offer proof of abuse

Newark TSA officer pleads guilty to theft from passengers

Gunshots heard as police protest in Cairo

Iran opposition leader under house arrest

Ditch TSA agents? Airports no longer can 'opt out'

NATO: Two killed after U.S. embassy threat


  High-profile defections put pressure on Gadhafi

Fearing more defections like those of Gadhafi's foreign minister and UN ambassador, the Libyan government has posted security guards with every cabinet member. NBC's Jim Maceda reports.

  Libyan woman: Gadhafi troops raped me

A Libyan woman tells foreign journalists at a Tripoli hotel that she had been seized and raped repeatedly by pro-Gadhafi forces. NBC’s Jim Maceda reports.

  Jailed American in Pakistan works for CIA

While the New York Times reports that embassy worker Raymond Davis, accused of gunning down two men in Lahore, is a CIA operative, officials maintain he is a security officer who was defending himself during a robbery attempt. NBC’s Andrea Mitchell reports.

  Chaos at the Cairo airport

NBC’s Brian Williams reports on the latest as Americans and other foreign nationals try to escape from Egypt.

  Video of fountain fall lands guard in hot water

A woman who is seen falling into a fountain on a Pennsylvania mall security camera is threatening to sue the facility for releasing the video, the security guard who posted the video online has been fired. Attorneys Paul Callan and Jonna Spilbor weigh in on whether the woman has a legitimate complai

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Security guards watch over an entrance of the Yvon Lambert museum on its reopening on April 19, 2011 in the French southern city of Avignon, two days after the vandalism incident on "Immersion Piss Christ", a controversial piece of art by US artist Andres Serrano, which was partially destroyed by tw

Ugandan security agents arrest FDC leader Besigye at the Kasangati suburb of the capital Kampala
Ugandan security agents arrest FDC leader Besigye at the Kasangati suburb of the capital Kampala

Ugandan security agents arrest Forum for Democratic Change leader Kizza Besigye

An Afghan police official holds detainee Khalid-ul-Rahman at National Directorate of Security in Kabul on April 12, 2011. Afghanistan's spy agency has captured Mullah Jumah, 30, was allegedly in charge of carrying out executions for the militant group. Jumah along with two of his "colleagues" publi

A security officer stands next to a Meso
A security officer stands next to a Meso

A security officer stands next to a Mesopotamia relief from the Nineveh north Palace from about 640-645 BC during an exhibition, ???The Splendors of Mesopotamia??? at Manarat al-Saadiyat Island, in Abu Dhabi on April 5, 2011.