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Historic Conway tour available on smartphones

CONWAY, S.C. (AP) - Tours of the historic area of Conway are going high-tech.Full story

SUNY to act on plan to spin off high-tech center

The State University of New York has begun spinning off its most successful high-tech research center from the University at Albany to create a college focused on creating jobs statewide. Full story

Flying Into the Future Without Fuel

  Jean-Pierre Clamadieu, Solvay Group CEO & director, discusses how his company's high-tech polymers enabled the development of a light-weight aircraft that flew across the U.S. propelled only by advanced batteries and solar panels.

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Camp dad: 9 high-tech outdoorsy Father's day gifts

Aimee Copeland gets new high-tech hands

High-tech sign has secret anti-abuse message for kids' eyes only


  Not your grandfather’s hearing aids

Baby Boomers struggling with hearing loss are finding high-tech solutions to help them adapt to life with a hearing aid. NBC’s Dr. Nancy Snyderman reports.

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