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Iraqis unable to defend their borders as US exits

After billions of dollars and nearly nine years of training, American troops are leaving behind an Iraqi security force arguably capable of providing internal security but unprepared to defend the nation against foreign threats at a time of rising tensions throughout the Middle East.Full story

Blasts kill 15 in Iraq as US troops pull out

A string of explosions hit a Baghdad market and the capital's western outskirts on Saturday, killing at least 15 people and exposing the challenges still facing Iraqi security forces just over a month before all American troops leave the country. Full story

Iraqi military to get around 700 U.S. trainers: officials

About 700 U.S. mostly civilian trainers will help Iraqi security forces when American troops leave, Iraqi and U.S. officials say, far less than the several thousand troops and contractors once under discussion between Baghdad and Washington. Full story

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