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AAA Mid-Atlantic says gas prices have fallen

Gas prices have been declining over the past week after increasing steadily earlier in July. Full story

Gas prices on the incline

Massachusetts gas prices will go up August 1st and It's got nothing to do with oil company profits. Full story

Gas prices spike 12 cents in Rhode Island

Gas prices have spiked again in Rhode Island, this time by 12 cents. Full story

Blame it on the pain at the pump

   Will rising gas prices get the blame from restaurants? David Lutz, Stifel Nicolaus, joins CNBC's Steve Liesman in the blame game.

Gas prices fuel up

   Gas prices are $0.20 higher than they were 1 year ago, reports CNBC's Jane Wells; and John Kilduff, Again Capital; Stephen Schork, The Schork Report; and Patrick Dehaan,, offer insight on why we're seeing oil at these levels.

Gas prices could increase $0.20/gallon

   Rising gas prices might spread to consumers all over the country, reports CNBC's Jane Wells.

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Rhode Island gas prices up 9 cents

W.Va. gas prices holding steady

Rhode Island gas prices up by 3 cents

Gas prices drop 4 cents in RI ahead of holiday

Antitrust case linked to California energy crisis revived


  Perfect storm for gas prices

Oil prices are on the rise and drivers could be looking at another big jump in gas prices, reports CNBC's Jane Wells.

  Track gas prices with new Dept. of Energy site

A new Department of Energy tool can help direct you toward the cheapest gas prices.

  Will Egypt crisis bring gas prices up?

Hitha Prabhakar joins MSNBC’s Alex Witt to break down the 3 Big Money Headlines. She mentions that oil analysts are watching the situation in Egypt and they are saying how it will negatively impact gas prices. She discussed the jobs numbers that came out on Friday and explains what hedge fund manage

  Higher Gas Prices Pump Consumer Pessimism

John Eichberger, National Association of Convenience Stores, provides his thoughts on how gas prices impact the way consumers view the economy.

  Like ‘being strangled’: Midwest gas prices soar

Four Midwestern states are seeing near record-level gas prices while the rest of the country is relatively stable. Refineries closing for scheduled maintenance are partly to blame, say analysts.

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