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PhotoBlog: Trade unions strike across major cities in India

KOLKATA, India -- Shops and banks were closed, factories shuttered and traffic sparse in major cities across India during an industrial strike Tuesday called by trade unions against the government.Passengers were stranded at airports and railway stations in Kolkata, the capit … Full story

PhotoBlog: A lament for newsprint: Staff protest as storied French newspaper ceases print edition

Around 100 workers from the CGT trade union occupied the Paris headquarters of the newspaper France Soir on Tuesday, Agence France-Presse reported, carpeting the Champs Elysees with copies of the paper in protest against the impending termination of its print edition.France Soir … Full story

GOP undermining the middle class

   A vast right-wing network is working to cripple the middle class and cut off unions at the knees.

Impact of Triangle fire on unions

   Today marks the 100th anniversary of the New York factory fire killed that killed nearly 150 young seamstresses, launching the modern labor movement. MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell talks to Richard Trumka, President of the AFL-CIO, about this tragedy and the current state of labor unions.

NYC marks 100th anniversary of Triangle fire

The centennial commemoration of the Triangle factory fire became a rally for organized labor, as hundreds marched and vowed to resist efforts to weaken unions in state capitals across the country. Full story

Labor is roaring again, but it's not the same

Labor is roaring again, like in the old days. But it's a wounded sound now. Full story

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  Defending millions of American workers

Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO, an organization that represents over 12 million members in a federation of 57 national and international labor unions, talks with Rachel Maddow about what American workers need to do now to protect their rights from attack

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Policemen enter into a scuffle with trade union activists as the activists block a major intersection as part of a countrywide industrial strike in New Delhi, India, Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2012. Shops and banks were closed, factories shuttered and traffic sparse in major cities across India during an ind