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Ark. commission must fund accused killer's defense

The Arkansas Supreme Court has rejected a request that it reconsider its order that a state commission fund the defense of a man charged with killing a soldier. Full story

Danish Muhammad cartoonist retires near age 75

Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard, who caricatured the Prophet Muhammad and caused outrage in the Muslim world, said he is quitting because he is getting old. Full story

European ex-Muslims condemn violence against Vilks

Former Muslims across Europe have condemned last month's violent attack against a Swedish artist who depicted the Prophet Muhammad as a dog. Full story

Campaign targets misconceptions of Islam

Advertisements targeting British misconceptions about Islam are being launched across London. Full story

Bangladesh lifts Facebook ban

Bangladesh has lifted a weeklong ban on the social networking website Facebook imposed for a page urging people to draw images of Islam's Prophet Muhammad, an official said Sunday. Full story

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Comedy Central chided for proposed Jesus cartoon

Pakistan lifts Facebook ban after page removed

Bangladesh blocks Facebook over prophet drawings

Pakistan partially lifts block on YouTube: official

Pakistan to restore YouTube, block certain videos

Swedish university re-invites Muhammad artist

Internet blockade in Pakistan continues

Pakistan blocks YouTube over unIslamic content

Muslim anger prompts Pakistan to block Facebook


  Controversial cartoonist attacked

Lars Vilks, the swedish cartoonist who outraged Muslims over his cartoon of Prophet Muhammad as a dog, was assaulted during a lecture at a university.'s Keva Andersen reports.

  Miracle in Pakistan?

People from all over Pakistan, are visiting a small village in the countryside to see the footprint of a Holy Prophet.  Is the phenomena a miracle or is there a logical explanation?  NBC's Carol Grisant reports.  

  Death threat made to creators of 'South Park'

NBC News Terrorism analyst Roger Cressey talks about the recent death threat made to the creators of "South Park" for disparaging the prophet Muhammad.

  Muslim group warns 'South Park' creators

An Internet posting warned Matt Stone and Trey Parker that they could face retribution for the show's depiction of the prophet Muhammad. Msnbc's Willie Geist reports.

  2nd American woman arrested in terror plot

Authorities in Ireland say second American woman is a suspect in an international plot to kill a Swedish cartoonist for mocking the Prophet Mohammad. NBC's Stephanie Gosk reports.

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Anwar al-Awlaki
Anwar al-Awlaki

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Indian Shiite Muslims flagellate themselves on Ashura
Indian Shiite Muslims flagellate themselves on Ashura

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  Cartoon fury

Muslims across the world stage protests over Danish caricatures that they say insult Islam and the Prophet Muhammad.