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Radio journalist killed in Honduras

Authorities in Honduras say gunmen shot to death a radio reporter who supported ousted former president Manuel Zelaya, the second such killing in as many months. Full story

Ex-Honduran President supporter shot to death

Authorities in Honduras say a fervent supporter of former President Manuel Zelaya has been shot to death. Full story

Honduran coup officials may get US visas back

The U.S. State Department is offering visas again to Honduran officials who had them revoked after taking part in a June 2009 coup that deposed former President Manuel Zelaya, a U.S. Embassy official confirmed Tuesday. Full story

Honduras readmitted to OAS after coup

Honduras was readmitted to the Organization of American states on Wednesday, repairing ties with the hemispheric group two years after President Manuel Zelaya was toppled in a widely condemned coup. Full story

Ex-leader returns to Honduras 2 years after ouster

Former President Manuel Zelaya returned from exile on Saturday, ending a nearly two-year political crisis caused by his ouster in a military-backed coup that led to Honduras' international isolation. Full story

Honduran president threatens striking teachers

Honduran President Porfirio Lobo on Sunday threatened to fire teachers if they continue a three-week-old strike that has aggravated divisions caused by a 2009 coup. Full story

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