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  Howard Dean brings back the famous scream, NYC-style

Fired Lakeland police sergeants fight for their jobs back

A sex scandal cost Sergeants David Woolverton and Rusty Longaberger their jobs and reputations at the Lakeland Police Department, and those terminations are now up for debate. Full story

‘Egotism’ to blame in male politician sex scandals

  In the latest sex scandals involving male politicians, San Diego Mayor Bob Filner has announced he will undergo therapy to “address my behavior” and New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner – who is accused of private sexual misconduct – is being parodied on the cover of the New Yorker .NBC’s Andre

Krystal Ball: ‘As soon as you turn a woman into a whore, you undermine her credibility’

Are women forgiven for sex scandals the same way men are? Full story

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All In agenda: What happens to the women in political sex scandals?

Are we French now? Political sex scandals aren’t career killers anymore

Sex scandal got you down? No worries if you’re a man

There’s more at stake in NYC’s comptroller race than just Spitzer’s future

How long is the lifespan of a political scandal?

Ex-Air Force instructor gets six months for role in sex scandal

Comeback kids? Sex scandals won’t stop these politicians

Prostitutes rewrite sex scandal involving Sen. Bob Menendez


  Sex scandals and the tale of two wives

The wives of Anthony Wiener and Eliot Spitzer have taken different approaches to their husbands new campaigns as they attempt to find redemption after sex scandals forced them out of office. More’s Lesley Jane Seymour and Marie Claire’s Anne Fulenwider discuss.